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E-Commerce News: April 2017

Another month has gone! Are you looking for the latest e-commerce news? Then you are in the right place because here we bring to you the most relevant monthly e-commerce news from April. Let’s go with them:

  • Petsmart has completed making the biggest acquisition in e-commerce history snatching up fast-growing pet food and product site for $3.35 billion even bigger than Walmart’s $3.3 billion deal for last year. Read the details from here. Besides, here the biggest acquisitions of all time collided by
  • 52 percent of consumers in the United Kingdom see next-day-delivery as their most preferred delivery method. However, a fifth of UK retailers are failing to offer their customers next-day delivery. Read more from here.
  • 76% of online shoppers research prices on a product they want to buy, up 10% from the year previous. Moreover, 68% said price is the biggest reasons they shop where they do. Read the full article and find the study from here.
  • In Netherlands, consumer confidence has grown 14 points, which has resulted in an increase in consumer spending – €20.16 billion in 2016. Learn more about Netherlands from here.
  • Everything you should know about Shopify Unite 2017. Read the details and watch the videos about all the new features.
  • Healthy food retailer Wyldsson is evaluated by Andrew Youderian and Noah Kagan. This interview consists inexpensive, quick, and impactful advises that Wyldsson could make in the next thirty days to boost its sales and improve its conversion rate. Read the full interview from here.
  • Cartstack crafted a blog post including 20 best e-commerce blogs to help you grow your business. Read the full list.
  • Instagram could be the key to unlocking significant sales growth for your e-commerce business. So it is time to consider Instagram as a real sales funnel. Read the full post from here.
  • E-commerce landing page tips and tricks that will help you to accelerate your growth. Get the insider tricks.

As Prisync, we have published insightful posts for our audience. Here, you can easily reach all of them and start enjoying reading.

  • Megan Mosley from Referral Rock gave 4 tips for a successful e-commerce referral program. Read the tips from here.
  • Getting your welcome emails right amounts to putting your best foot forward in email marketing like striking while the iron of subscriber engagement is hot. Learn more about welcome mails from here.
  • Hiver CEO Rijan Ranjan Rout explained how to create buyer personas for e-commerce companies. You can read the full article and improve your knowledge from here.
  • We introduced 9 smart exit-intent plugins for e-commerce retailers.
  • Why dynamic pricing should be seasonal savior for e-commerce retailers? In article, this question is analyzed and explained. Read from here.


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