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E-Commerce News: 31 December 2015 – 05 January 2016

Dear e-commerce folks,

We all got back to work from a long Christmas holiday – which hopefully brought you the sales boost that you were dreaming of.

Now it’s time to look ahead a new year and plan your 2016 strategies and focus on your prioritizations.

Also, keep it in your mind that this time of the year also comes with many opportunities at bay, so make sure that you also do not miss those post-holiday opportunities.

With that in mind, let’s now drill down what last week brought into our basket of e-commerce news, tips and, surely further thoughts.

Holiday season surely brought a boost in sales, but the amount of returns was also as high as sales in return, indeed. $62 billion of returns were projected for holiday season back in 2015.

Return refund

With such wave of returns affecting retailers, RetailWire’s recent post on the true costs of returns is definitely worth checking out.

Obvious things seem even more obvious when put in words by someone we all follow as a market influencer. Last week, as Eric Schmidt stated that Britain is the leader in e-commerce, it really gained a lot of interest in the e-commerce market, but we all already knew or felt it, right?

Last week Amazon UK introduced monthly installment payments for orders of more than £400. Program is provided by Hitachi Personal Finance and works in a similar way with its rivals like Tesco or John Lewis.

Mobile commerce is big and it’s getting bigger and bigger. So, we need to see a race of leadership there, right? Well, Walmart is pursuing that solidly, and the recent integration with MasterPass, the mobile payment solution of MasterCard also is a step further from Walmart in line with that target.

As expected, the first days of the new year was full of insightful and actionable articles for the new year ahead. The ecommerce blogosphere nowadays hosts many 2016 projections, predictions and all sorts of covarages, and it’s worth rounding up our favourites over here with you.

As Prisync team, we really love working with small and medium ecommerce businesses, let us start with some insights on them. According to a study, ecommerce SMBs are more optimistic than pessimistic for 2016. Well, that’s brilliant news!

Last week, we also joined the party as Prisync team, and shared our thoughts on 2016 trends with some perspective on ecommerce marketing and put together 3 major trends we expect to affect the ecommerce market widely.

Forbes recently revealed its 30 Under 30 Retail And E-Commerce 2016 and it’s quite inspiring to read the stories of each and every ecommerce entrepreneur in the list and surely what they have all achieved with their lovely companies.

2016 predictions would be incomplete with no touch on mobile, indeed. Therefore, it’s worth including Mobile Commerce Daily’s piece on top mobile marketing trends to follow in 2016.

Internet Retailing’s nice piece on how retail is going to change further in 2016 is also a must-read for online retailers of all sizes, and it’s a piece to act upon, or at least to think deeper on.

So, that’s all for this week!

As the above-mentioned e-commerce SMBs feel, we as Prisync team are also super optimistic about what awaits the e-commerce market and as always, we’ll be covering you with the freshest e-commerce news and tips from the market on a weekly basis.

Stay tuned, and see you next week!


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