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E-Commerce News: 29 July-04 August 2016

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Hi there e-commerce enthusiasts! Another busy week is on your calendar and you are working your way through. The sad thing is that you cannot find the time to catch up with your beloved e-commerce sector. Well, you are in luck. That’s what we are here for. Sit back and catch up with e-commerce sector in a matter of minutes.

  • Instagram seems like in favor of Snapchat trends. A new feature allows users to post content which will be available for 24 hours. Learn more from here
  • Didi Chuxing has acquired Uber ‘s China assets, brand, data and business operations. Uber was losing in the Chinese market. We’ll see how it turns out. Learn more from here
  • E-commerce market has many colorful aspects when you take a look at it. One of them is the sex toy e-commerce market. There are many adults who are looking to add some color to their bedroom and many e-commerce businesses are providing them with a variety of pleasurable devices or clothes of their choice. Selling pleasure is the endgame here. Let’s take a look at the kinky side of e-commerce! Learn more from here
  • Amazon has announced a new partnership with the UK government after hitting the barriers with USA many times for drone delivery tests. Learn more from here
  • Wingstop is utilizing Periscope for online auctions. The more hearts users tap on gets them more chance in the auction. Learn more about this exciting new twist in the marketing world from here
  • We love being in the e-commerce business. But, at the end of the day we know it’s all about the number of sales you make. This is where comparison shopping engines come in. Did you know you could utilize them to increase your sales? If not come by and learn how from here
  • Verizon has bought Yahoo! For $4.83 billion. The deal does not cover Yahoo! Japan which is doing well and also Yahoo!’s stake at Alibaba.
  • Search engine giant Baidu is hurt by China’s ad restrictions. Sales are expected to fall short with the new ad limits. Learn more from here
  • Your e-commerce site is performing as you wish but we know that you are craving for more sales. A way to reach that goal of yours is by increasing the functionality of your website through search. This week our guest blogger is Kevin from Outreachly. He will share his ideas and insights regarding this subject. Learn more about e -commerce site search from here

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