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E-Commerce News: 27 May-03 June 2016


Hi there e-commerce folks! A new week is going by and we are dealing with projects, meetings and little coffee breaks to take the edge off. Don’t you think it is one of those times to get some coffee? Inhale the energizing smell of the coffee and catch up with the news of the e-commerce market.

  • European e-commerce sales are expected to reach 500 billion Euros in 2016. United Kingdom is taking more than the third of this amount. France and Germany are following after United Kingdom. Less mature markets are also showing great growth trends this year. Want to learn more about it? Click here
  • In the recent days, Etsy has introduced a new pattern service which could mirror the offers from the sellers’ shops. The description was unclear and it caused confusion among the sellers on Etsy. The sellers did not even know if they signed up for a free trial or not. Latest news tells that Etsy has charged its customers without notifying them and people who did not even apply for the pattern service still had to pay it. Learn more about from here
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  • Australia has a growing and promising e-commerce market. It has picky customers who are used to getting things in a certain quality and they are pretty strict about it. Biggest trends are faster delivery, content and video marketing in order to increase the customer engagement and give them a good customer experience. The dominating customer segment is under 30s and they are big spenders. Learn more about the wondrous market of Australia from here
  • As we have mentioned in here earlier, Facebook marketing is one of the greatest ways to increase conversions, generate customer engagement and target custom audience. Facebook’s lookalike audience feature which was derived from your own custom audience has new updates which are very exciting. We give you the ‘custom combinations’. Learn more about it here
  • Amazon is coming up with new projects everyday and Amazon Prime and Amazon Video are some of them. The CEO, Jeff Bezos, is explaining the strategies which Amazon is planning to follow. Jeff says that videos help the business to sell more shoes. Amazon has declined selling Apple TV since it did not have Amazon video installed on it. Learn more about the interesting projects from Jeff Bezos from here
  • Video marketing is one of the biggest trends in the Internet. E-commerce market is one of its adopters as well. People are more interested in watching a video than reading reviews or product descriptions and look up e-commerce businesses. YouTube is one of the most frequently used platforms when it comes to videos. It is a great platform for the e-commerce market since it provides a new frontier for marketing and visibility of your brand. Learn more about it from here
  • In the recent days, a Q&A session from The Wall Street Journal shed light on an interesting question. The emergence of wearable technology has been integrating very well into our lives and the features regarding health or tracking were discussed. The usage of wearable electronics in workplaces could offer tracking capabilities regarding productivity, safety, habits and health. This kind of data was mentioned to have a use for insurers to gather data on the workers’ health as well. Learn more about tit from here
  • Google recently announced several updates to their 2016 Google Shopping Product Feed Specifications. It involves changes regarding unit price, color and size, product category requirements, image sizes and etc. Learn more about it from here
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  • This week Savaş Çetinkaya from com is our guest blogger! He is sharing his insights about the e-commerce market with us. Multilingual e-commerce websites are very beneficial when it comes to increasing sales. Countries such as United Kingdom and USA is experiencing flat lines when it comes to sales whereas countries like France, Japan and Italy which are not English speaking countries are experiencing increasing sales. There are many opportunities to increase your sales through multilingual e-commerce websites. Learn more about it here

Catching up with the e-commerce market news will have good effects on your business.

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