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E-Commerce News: 26 February-03 March 2016


Hello ecommerce folks!

Welcome to our weekly ecommerce news and tips digest!

Again this week, we rounded up the hottest and freshest ecommerce news from the market, along with the lovely pieces of thoughts by several ecommerce experts we follow in the ecommerce blogosphere.

So, fasten your seat belts, and let’s deep dive in to the news and tips of last week!

As it’s the case in almost every weekly digest of ours, there is always a thread stealing the show, and attracting the most attention during the week in the market. This week the actor was Amazon and the plot way an interesting partnership inked.


Amazon, just partnered with British supermarket chain Morrissons to deliver fresh grocery to its customers. As this wise piece on Financial Times puts it perfectly, it’s hard to keep pace with Jeff Bezos and it seems that this partnership is just the beginning for Amazon.

Such a big partnership surely brought up many questions and this article on puts 5 of them in a quite clear manner.

Last week, another market influencing news came again from Amazon and this time the issue was shipping. Amazon raised its free shipping threshold to 49$ and the market immediately started to discuss about its impact on the competitive landscape.

We were also all ears for the news on’s massive round of 275 million USDs last week. On the investment and M&A side of things, there were also two other important news as well. acquired the home-furnishing online retailer, and the same-day delivery service Deliv raised 28 million USDs with UPS as the lead investor.


When it comes to cross-border ecommerce, China is always the country to watch. And last week, we heard the news about tax policy changes in China, about the overseas purchases. It’s worth to check the details out from this piece.

While most of the wind has been blowing the market towards north, there are always something in the opposite side, like Bestbuy’s decision of shutting down its marketplace operations.

Along with all these news, last week, we also enjoyed reading this insightful piece HTML5 and its use cases for ecommerce. Checking it out totally helps to know more about HTML5 and keep it safe from a dangerous buzzword position.

Another thought-provoking piece we discovered last week was pinning the UI-wise influence of Tinder on several ecommerce applications. Well, it’s not that rare to have a mobile shopping app with a swipe gesture, right?

Finally, as believers of data-driven approaches in ecommerce, we read and share this piece on on 4 shifts that are shaping the retail data.

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