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Weekly Ecommerce News: 24 – 30 March 2016

After dealing with business meetings, presentations and your customers it is time to let yourself rest for a couple of minutes and catch up with the news. Countries such as Germany, India and China have a few news, you would like to know. A few new players seem to be adopting new systems and technologies which is always good in this market. Let’s see what has happened since last week. 

  • Enjoy Technology Inc, has been working on customer services it seems. The 1-year-old merchant is providing delivery with a personal instruction service as well. With 97% customer satisfaction, Enjoy is expanding into Los Angeles. Learn more here
  • Pfizer’s sales in China have doubled! The company sold nutritional supplements and vitamins in online marketplaces such as Tmall and Seems like categories such as health products have an increasing trend in China. Learn more here

Taj Mahal India Ganj

  • India’s e-commerce sector is growing by 40% annually. China’s protectionist attitudes when US companies like Amazon wanted in the market could be the reason China is not the hottest but India is. They say India will become an e-commerce battleground. Learn more here… And if want to learn more about India’s e-commerce here is an article from Prisync.
  • Another country we will mention is Germany. Apparently automotive companies are the biggest digital advertisers. Pre-roll video ad spending and wallpaper advertising are in the top three. Learn more about it here
  • Prisync had a guest blogger this week! Murat Soysal of is giving advice over product recommendation tools and showing how they resemble to the sales assistants in a shop. Learn more about it here

  • Retail Therapy is a wide-known phenomenon but did you think about how it works and where does e-commerce stand in this equation. Shopping can make people actually happy. Learn more about it here
  • Prestashop has very nice news! An e-commerce tips and tricks based Youtube channel is coming! Specialists working at Prestashop will give important tips regarding the sector, your website or even your conversions. Learn more here
  • Ad-blocking can be a savior sometimes however it is not the best thing that can happen to e-commerce sector. Last month in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, an Israeli startup Shine has announced its partnering with Three Telecom in order to block ads on mobile. How will this affect the mobile marketing? Not so good it seems. Learn more here


  • Prisync’s latest piece is about the customer’s deciding process and how it relates to our conversion increasing. Learn all about the fascinating brain of ours with a side of e-commerce here.
  • River Island’s adoption of a delivery technology has saved it £3m, over three years. River Island lets its customers to choose from different shops and compartmentalize. People can buy from a very close shop if their in-store collection agrees with them. Learn more here

Catching up with the latest news is an important step to keep your feet on the ground when you are diving in the deeps of e-commerce. It help your business to flourish as well with new ideas, trends and business opportunities.

Prices are another way of flourishing your business through different opportunities such as different countries or categories.

Prisync provides a service that you can use to monitor competitor price-tracking all over the world. Don’t let your business to chance.


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