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E-Commerce News: 22-28 July 2016


Hi there e-commerce folk! Hope you are having the best weekend! E-commerce market has not slept this week unlike us, the human beings 🙂 There are many news that you need to catch up to so we give you the exclusive cover of this week’s e-commerce market news!

  • This week mobile market has kept on exciting us with various news and one of that was through Facebook. The social media network has announced that 84% of advertising revenue was through mobile ads. Learn more from here
  • Amazon Prime, the loyalty program, has been launched in India this week. Learn more from here
  • M-commerce or mobile commerce is growing at a great rate in worldwide e-commerce markets. It has almost gained its own market. Since many of the e-commerce businesses are dwelling in this new and exciting territory we thought that a statistics map could help you out. Check out our latest piece which will get you back on track with the m-commerce market. Learn more from here
  • After the magnificent comeback of Pokémon through the mobile app Pokémon Go Nintendo’s stocks were experiencing the best of all times since a long time. However the first quarterly reports of the company have shown that there was a 31% drop in its net sales which accounted for about $48 million. Pokémon Go was the big news but you should remember that Nintendo has a 32% share in it. Learn more from here
  • As we keep mentioning in our blog, mobile commerce has taken a big step towards creating its own market by passing through desktop and laptops in terms of online purchases. This exciting change has triggered many attempts to enter the mobile market with aggressive and creative approaches. However there are many mistakes which might await you in the process. In order to avoid that our guest blogger Sophorn Chhay from Trumpia has shared insights regarding this problem. Learn more from here
  • Twitter has added 3 million new users to its platform in its second quarter. The revenue from advertising has generated $535 million this year but the new user number does not seem satisfying. Learn more from here
  • Twitter’s ex-VP of product, Michael Sippey, had launched an app called Talkshow earlier this year. The app is working through text messages which are shared with the public. This new app and platform is providing a different and very interesting alternative to Twitter.
  • Discounting may not seem like a profitable option but it certainly can set things right for your business. It only requires a bit of customer knowledge and data analysis. When you plan ahead for your discounts you can make sure they are profitable and successful. This week we have gathered a few insights regarding discounting strategies for your e-commerce businesses. Learn more from here

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