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E-Commerce News: 19-26 August 2016

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Hi there e-commerce folks! We are finishing another sunny week and we are sure that you are doing your best. But time is limited, even for e-commerce superheroes like you, so we’d like to give you an overview about what is going on in the market with the news of this last week. Here is a quick overview of the week for you!

  • E-commerce to pass $ 79.000 million in India by 2020. India currently has 80 million people buying online, but it is expected that this number will rise to more than 220 million by 2020. The key factors of this potential are India’s large population and the still low penetration of e-commerce among less innovative customers. Read more here.
  • Amazon sellers are experiencing serious competition and their sales growth has decreased from 33.8% in last year’s second quarter to 6.4% in this year’s second quarter. This is another good reason to track competitors’ prices! Read more about the news here.
  • China will surpass the U.S. as the largest retail market this year. And mobile-optimized shops seem to be an essential offer there, since mobile purchases represent 55.5% of the total amount. Read more here.
  • Amazon is looking for more women e-commerce entrepreneurs to join its platform. The company runs its first specifically-tailored–to-women conference in Seattle this week. Learn why Amazon is so interested in women entrepreneurs
  • Alipay, the Alibaba Group’s online payment solution, will be launched in Europe to boost Chinese tourists’ purchases when they are abroad. For now, it will be available in the U.K., Germany, France and Italy. Read more here.
  • Small business in the U.K. is losing £8 due to not accepting credit card payments. The study conducted by Barclaycard also points out that only 49% of small businesses accept credit card payments, even though 44% more shoppers pay by card now than a year ago, and a large number leave the shop without purchasing when they discover they cannot pay with their credit cards. Read more here.
  • Target is looking at e-commerce as a future key factor of success. The company is making every effort to increase its sales online, including developing a more user-friendly website with better search features, checkout process and a more personalized experience. Read more here.
  • Wharton University of Pennsylvania experts discussed dynamic pricing, analyzing how Major League Baseball clubs are using it to maximize their profits, instead of allowing ticket reselling by fans. Will dynamic pricing be used in average e-commerce sites in the future? Read more about the research here.
  • Internet against ad-blockers: Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and YouGov have conducted research about ad-blocking use and found out that its use is decreasing. The main reason is that people don’t really trust in the software. In addition, many websites are blurring the differences between content and ads, to avoid ad-blockers since ads are a useful profit source. Another consideration is that ad-blockers frequently block real content, making user experience worse instead of better. Read more here.
  • MercadoLibre, the biggest e-commerce site in Latin America has surpassed YPF (Argentine energy company) in value. It is an indication of the increase in value of the knowledge economy compared to industry. MercadoLibre currently has about one third of YPF amount of workers.
  • Also, we had Ethan Brown writing for the Prisync blog and giving us some tips about how to Drive Sales with an Omni-channel Selling Strategy. Learn how to take advantage of the new features technology offers to sellers here.
  • In Prisync we have talked about Display Network Advertising for E-Commerce and its strengths related to segmentation power and remarketing and offered you an overview about Indonesia’s E-Commerce market.

And this is all for today. We hope you have enjoyed the information and that it will help you to be aware of what is happening in the e-commerce world. As you well know, in business information is the key and being able to get it and analyze it is a vital skill for every successful manager these days. See you in the next post of our blog!


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