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E-Commerce News: 19-25 February 2016

Welcome again to our weekly e-commerce news and tips series!

We just passed through the midway Q1 of 2016, and fortunately, the e-commerce market all around the world is keeping up its solid pace and energy.

Sharing all this vibe and energy, let us take you through the news and tips that were caught by our radar last week!

Let’s start with what deserved the spotlight last week.

Well, Shopify’s content team did it again and they launched a beautiful contest for ecommerce entrepreneurs and announced an award of winning a profitable ecommerce business. The idea of awarding a running ecommerce business is strikingly fitting with what Shopify is all about, nurturing the entrepreneurial drive in the ecommerce market, and enabling all sizes of online retail.

Not surprisingly, Amazon grabbed its well-deserved weekly attention again last week, with an engaging discussion piece appeared on RetailWire. On the well-crafted post, Matthew Stern of RetailWire questioned how effective can Amazon be with its own brand fashion line Amazon Elements. We’ll see how things roll, but it’s apparent that apparel business will be an important element of Amazon throughout 2016.

Last week, ecommerce marketing folks were all chanting the news about Google’s removal of right hand side ads on its search result pages. From now on, ads will appear only at the top and bottom of the search results. A nice piece from Econsultancy rounded up the thoughts of a few ecommerce marketers like Richard Hartley of Jellyfish and Marcus Knight of 4Ps Marketing on the matter and tried to show the reasons behind this decision of Google and its potential results for the paid landscape in ecommerce market.

Well, it’s always a must to run the SEO engines in an ecommerce locomotive but with landscape changes on the paid lands as such, it gets even more interesting. So, this compact piece on SEO may be worth checking out.

An ecommerce weekly rounded would not be complete with no mobile commerce initiatives.

Just tapping that, PayPal and Vodafone stroke a new partnership aiming to bring basic mobile payments to European retailers. Two companies announced the partnership during the World Mobile Congress 2016 in Barcelona and basically teamed up to build a tool to rival Apple Pay.

These days, as Prisync Team, we have been obviously heavily involved with themes like growth hacking, data-driven marketing, KPIs and metrics, in order to sustain our global growth journey currently we are helping ecommerce companies from more than 30 countries – so, we also felt that writing down a piece on ecommerce metrics and KPIs on our own blog would make sense. We listed down 7 major ecommerce metrics and KPIs that ecommerce companies of all sizes must track and analyse in order to hack their growth.

Also, last week, Sam Makad from Skyward ERP put down a nice guest blog post on Prisync Blog on 5 ways big data can help ecommerce companies. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you are already interested in applying more data-driven approaches into your ecommerce business.

Many thanks for reading through our weekly ecommerce news and tips digest! 🙂

We really hope that you enjoyed it and it would add some inspiration into your business.

Look forward to seeing you on another piece on Prisync Blog.


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