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E-Commerce News: 17-23 March 2016


Hello citizens of the e-commerce republic!

After a busy week isn’t it time to go over the new developments in the e-commerce sector? As Prisync team, we put together the main news of the week in a bundle for you to enjoy and keep yourselves up to date. Go ahead and discover what the e-commerce world has to offer these days.

  • E-commerce giant Alibaba has marked its name once again! China’s e-commerce giant has gained 3 trillion yuan which equals to $463 billion through online shopping sites’ sales. Learn more about it here
  • Nike has announced its 56% increase in online sales in the Q3. Its specialized apps such as Run Club, Training Club or web series and episodes play a great role with their successful engagement as well as their sales. Check out their story here
  • Did you know that two-fifths of Americans used their phones on the toilet? Or that generation Z is more likely to shop via mobile? Here are 8 fun stats of the last week for you!
  • E-commerce shipping can be problem if you don’t accept different currencies or delivery options. FedEx CrossBorder offers multiple options for this kind of a problem and is aiming for the e-commerce sector. Check out here to learn more…
  • People’s late night stop 7-Eleven is moving online with a mobile app based on fuel. It is possible to find the cheapest deals and special offers through the app. A fresh breeze in both mobile and e-commerce sector is coming to stay. Learn more here
  • Busy Philipps who is the star of Cougar Town is the new face of Loft on Instagram. Their popular marketing move includes humorous videos and snippets on Instagram. Customers can instantly buy the clothes and engage easily thanks to the celebrity inclusion. Learn more here
  • How much is too much? Amazon’s excess return policy seems to get customers unhappy. How is the e-commerce giant playing into the sector? Learn more here
  • E-commerce sector makes businesses to play on the edges and it does not like flaws. Running your e-commerce business takes a lot of time but make sure you don’t make these mistakes.
  • Spring is coming and it is time for a clean slate! As Prisync ,we put together an easy list for you to do your e-commerce spring cleaning. Make sure you cover every spot.
  • Online contest can be a big resource to drive more sales and engagement. Are you ready to get things shaking? Here is an easy to-do-list for your new blast in the e-commerce sector. Be noticed!
  • This week our guest blogger Harsha Kiran has put together 5 Strategic Upgrades Every Online Store Owner Should Do for you. Enjoy!
  • Google is launching Android Pay with MasterCard in UK! HSBC, Lloyds, MBNA and M&S Bank are other banks which support Android Pay in its successful journey. Learn more here
  • Our good news are for the bookworms this time. Are you ready to learn more about e-commerce, crowdfunding, brand identity and latest ideas? Here is a list of the latest e-commerce books of 2016.

As e-commerce enthusiasts we love this sector and enjoy sharing the latest news and developments with you! Hope you enjoyed it! Have a nice and productive week!

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