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E-Commerce News: 14-20 October 2016


Hello e-commerce followers! We have passed mid-October and time doesn’t seem to be about to stop. But if you are busy managing your business, do not worry. We are here to keep you updated about everything that happened this week. We hope you will enjoy our e-commerce news overview!

• Overly Strict Password Requirements Can Lead to an 18% Abandonment Rate among returning visitors. Strict password rules make customers create passwords that they will forget.

• Jack Ma and Alibaba have met with the Thailand government to continue their collaboration to improve e-commerce in the country. The agreement between the government and Alibaba includes a program to develop training courses for SMEs and others to increase the security of their transactions.

• Alibaba hasn’t finished with China. This week they stated that e-commerce business shall improve their blend with traditional retail if they want to succeed in China.

• Do you want more advice about Chinese market? Here are three tips from Forbes contributor Helene H. Wang to succeed there: mobile, social media and data analysis.

• Salvatore Ferragamo launches e-commerce business in the US. American customers are now able to buy the full collection of this famous Italian designer. Founded in 1927, it is well known for its luxury products such as footwear, leather goods and clothing among others.

• HiPay partners with the French e-commerce platform Kooomo. Like in this case, Kooomo is trying to enhance its presence in the market by partnering with e-commerce platforms. It already offers 150 different currencies.

• See how a big e-commerce warehouse works. Ok, this is not strictly news, but if you can’t imagine how a big e-commerce warehouse works, this video by NDTV is worth watching.

• Trade ministers from BRICs nations state the importance of cooperation in e-commerce among their countries. E-commerce is still not a main topic in international meetings, but this may change in the future thanks to the interest of BRICs nations.

EBay is about to sell a large portion of its stakes in MercadoLibre. MercadoLibre is one of the most important e-commerce platforms in Latin America, but it doesn’t stop eBay from announcing its divest intent, as it happened before with PayPal and craigslist.

• Dutch postal service PostNL tests package lockers. The time in which people just sent paper letters has gone and now society demands solutions for sending packages. Not only business owners would benefit from this, but also the customers when they need to send back a product with any kind of issue.

• SkyMode, is it the end of the checkout process? Improving purchase experience is the aim of almost every e-commerce business. At least when it comes to mobile purchasing where the small screen makes the traditional checkout process inconvenient. SkyMode is an app that allows buying with just one click. Keep an eye on this, because this kind of app may be the next trend in e-commerce.

• 42% of young shoppers consult Facebook friends when spending more than £60. The research was conducted among shoppers between 16 and 34 years old.

Nasper sells Allegro for $3.25 billion. Allegro is a Polish online auction site and is the most important e-commerce platform in Eastern Europe with more than 14 million monthly users.

• 63% of revenue comes through desktop use. Though mobile navigation gives e-commerce websites more traffic, purchases are made on desktop. Here we have again the importance of merging both mobile and desktop experiences to convert.

• Also in Prisync we had Yana Yelina from EffectiveSoft giving us some Handy Tips on Running an E-Shop and we wrote about How Can Big Data Help E-Commerce Companies?

We finish here today. Hopefully you are now more aware of what is moving out there in the e-commerce world. Keeping an eye on the news will help you to understand better the trends of the market or even to forecast them! We just want to add our 2 cents. So if we have succeeded, come back next week to read our next posts with tips, news and trends about this fantastic online world.


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