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E-Commerce News: 13-19 May 2016

Hello to e-commerce enthusiasts all over the world! The E-commerce market is following its growing trend as it always does. But what are the important names of the week? Want to find out? Google is definitely the most sensational company of the week! Let’s dive in!

  • Google is introducing artificial intelligence in its products. These exciting developments can be seen in Allo which is a new online messaging app and Google Home which uses a digital personal assistant to work by voice-based searching. The company is hoping to build every user their own Google which can carry on a conversational interface. Google has been conducting research and development in artificial intelligence for more than 15 years. Learn more about the exciting new development from Google in here
  • Greece is in its 7th year of the bailout and trying to recover. The e-commerce market is hurt by the economic volatilities and limitations over imports do not seem to help. Payment options are taking a new form and shopping habits of the Greeks are changing as well.
  • The customer profile is changing every decade. The active core users of Facebook are getting old and settling down to have families. The changes of profiles are also affecting the behavior on social media platforms such as Facebook. People are sharing less personal information and are more focused on sharing opinions, news and staying in touch with people. This kind of change is definitely reflecting on other social media platforms as well. Learn more about the dramatic changes in social media from here
  • Good news from Google to the e-commerce market. Google has integrated the shopping ads into image searches on its search engine. Product listings are another thing that will be a part of the shopping ads as well. Some e-commerce enthusiasts are cautious to this change since the mindset of a user who is searching images can be a lot different. They are advising to measure the performance of the ads through CTR and CVR. Learn more about it here
  • Twitter is one of the most actively used social media platforms. The great thing about Twitter is the usage habits that come with it. People are checking Twitter for anything these days. They can learn the latest news, express their thoughts and follow their favorite celebrities trash each other. They can even reach celebrities directly through Twitter. But how does our marketing strategy take place in all this? Especially for e-commerce marketing. Learn more about it here
  • Google has announced its confirmation of Android Pay in the UK. Millions of MasterCard users can now use their Android device for payments. There are more than 400,000 contactless payment terminals all over the United Kingdom. Once the MasterCard cardholders download the app and sets up their accounts they are free to go! Learn more about the wonders of payment options from here
  • Inc is approaching the market with a youthful face. Instant videos that recreates the celebrity fanzine for the new generation is providing videos by PewDiePie, Tyler Oakley etc. Instant is a video only publication that focuses on lives and project of the Internet celebrities.
  • Different industries have different standards. When it comes to e-commerce standards it is important to know the usage trends and average levels of indicators. Here is a cool listing of 20 key industries with its key numbers. Enjoy!
  • This week our guest blogger Andreea Macoveiciuc is a Marketing Communications Specialist from Vuzum. Andreea is giving us the most crucial insights regarding e-commerce. Providing us with 3 under used strategies, Andreea is aiming to help the e-commerce enthusiasts increase their e-commerce engagements. Learn more about the exciting strategies and solutions of e-commerce engagements from here
  • Atom Bank is UK’s first mobile optimized and digitally designed bank. It has no branches and reduced channels of business. Their 24/7 customer support and personalized banking experience is talking for itself. The legacy free bank is not hold down by the big investments required to transform themselves. They are providing a more agile service which has lower costs and more customer-centric approach. Learn more about them here

Catching up with the exciting developments of the market is the 1st rule of survival in e-commerce.

Another rule of survival in e-commerce is good prices.

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