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E-Commerce News: 12-18 November 2015

Hello e-commerce folks!

Last week was full of news and numbers coming in from China’s Singles’ Day and surely in scale, Alibaba shook the ground with a massive $14 billion revenue on a single day. However, again, there were many interesting pieces of thoughts were wandering around nice blogs, so, no worries, like every week, we got you covered.

Let’s see what was worth taking a look at last week, in our sweet world of e-commerce:

Following the Singles’ Day success, people started to wonder about “What’s next for Alibaba?”, a quite understandable question in regards to a company breaking all sorts of e-commerce records.

Snapdeal Launches Snaptrends

An interesting move within the India e-commerce space came from Snapdeal, with its launch of Snaptrends, which targets small and medium-sized businesses with a fashion intelligence portal to help them produce more commercially viable products. It’s nice to see that the e-commerce competition in India is generating more and more innovative services like Snaptrends.

E-commerce marketers now have another Google weapon to trigger for their products. Adwords Shopping campaigns have now landed in Youtube and ready to grab attention from video-loving eyeballs of e-commerce shoppers.

Every week we are trying to share figures on the market growths of particular countries, and last week Sweden announced its e-commerce performance, and showed that the Swedish e-commerce market had a 6 percent growth in e-commerce during the third quarter of 2015 and is expected to be worth 50 billion Swedish kronor, or 5.36 billion Euros by the end of the year.

Fancy more luxury online retail? Dior is in the game with its newly launched e-commerce operations.

Cyber Monday is almost here, so better be preparing your marketing stack for it. PracticalCommerce gathered nice e-mail marketing tips for the Cyber Monday 2015.

There are always things to learn from giants. In our world, we can really learn many merchandising lessons from the top online retailers. Here are 7 ideas to steal away

As e-commerce world is getting more and more filled with superb tools really leveraging all operations within a company, this post is warning e-commerce markets not to be distracted too much by all such tools and focus on their mission.

So, here is what dropped into our radar from last week, and make sure that we’ll be digging the e-commerce news further every week.

Stay in touch!

Happy e-commerce days!


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