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E-Commerce News: 12-18 August 2016

Hi there! Summer is getting hotter with each passing day and searching for e-commerce news on your computer isn’t exactly the most enjoyable thing that you can do during this time. Perhaps you are on a relaxing holiday, lucky you if that is the case. You may be enjoying your vacation, but the world sure hasn’t stopped working in the meantime. E-commerce in particular never rests. If you are not in the mood to dig up news from a plethora of websites, here is a brief overview on everything that happened in the world of e-commerce while you were away.

  • E-commerce Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The capital of Argentina celebrated e-commerce day on August 11. This is the most important e-commerce event in the whole of Latin America. E-commerce has grown by a staggering 60% since last year. In the event, experts discussed the upcoming challenges for the e-commerce industry in Latin America. There were also talks on how online shopping could be made more appealing to customers. Furthermore, the experts shed light on ways to improve user experiences in an attempt to make e-commerce more attractive. Read more here.
  • Nonstore Sales Grew 14.1% in July, according to U.S. Commerce Department. E-commerce is in a very good shape and summer hasn’t changed anything. Second quarter nonstore sales rose to $138.96 billion and the first month of third quarter continued with the impressive numbers reaching $47.71 billion. Read more here.
  • Federal Antimonopoly Service against Apple Resellers. It seems Russian resellers have offered the same prices for the Apple phones. This has compelled the authority to analyze h events of the past in order to avoid a hidden monopoly in the market. What’s interesting here is that Apple doesn’t like resellers offering deals, so Federal Antimonopoly Service will have a hard time digging up the facts. Read more here.
  • Google King of West, Baidu Queen of East. Google is the undisputed leader of search engines in Europe (93%) and USA (86%), followed by Yahoo and Bing . That being said, the absence of Google operations in China due to censorship concerns has allowed Baidu to become the leading searching engine in the world’s most populated country.. Read more here.
  • Mobile Devices Are Becoming Essential for Travel Websites . 89% of people going on holidays used their mobile devices and personal computers to book destinations and hotels on travel websites. The big names in the industry are well aware of this shift towards mobile browsing and online booking. Research conducted by expert shows that the main travel websites have improved their user experience by adopting a mobile friendly “responsive” design. Read more here.
  • Bots Are Here to Register Your Pizza Orders. Domino’s has introduced a new way to order a pizza. You just need to sign up on Domino’s website and ask the bot for a similar pizza to the one you ordered the last time. The bot however is unable to make changes to your previous order. . Read more here.
  • Brazilians Using Price Comparison to Buy More Despite Recent Crisis. Purchase power has dropped in Brazil because of the economic crisis and the related inflation. Brazilians are being more cautious when buying online and they are improving their deal-hunting skills. This has allowed them to keep up their buying rate. In fact, the average ticket size has increased by7%. Read more here.
  • Walmart Buys Walmart will pay $3billion in cash and $300 million of shares to acquire Jet was one of the most impressive and innovative performers in the U.S. ecommerce sector. With this acquisition, Walmart is likely to target customers that are not looking for the lowest prices, a tactic that was brilliantly employed by Jet. Brand representatives have confirmed that the two companies will continue working separately. Read more here.
  • Alibaba’s Revenue Goes Up By 59%. E-commerce numbers are rising all over the world. This is good news for the Chinese e-commerce platform. They have reported $4.84 billion in revenue for the 2nd quarter of this year, with a mammoth mobile yield rise of 119.3 %.
  • And also from Prisync: We have talked about Facebook advertising giving you some keys to develop your Facebook marketing campaign. This will allow you to target the specific market segments that will be more profitable for your business.
  • Same-day delivery in e-commerce is the future of the industry and it is highly probable that the biggest names in the business will go to war in an effort to provide customers with the best express delivery features.

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