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E-Commerce News: 10-16 June 2016

Hi there e-commerce community! Another week is passing by and all of us are struggling to get our jobs done. E-commerce is a vibrating market and we all enjoy it but it is important to keep up with it as well. We give you the weekly e-commerce news!

  • Latin America’s e-commerce sector has shown a growth of 15.4% over the last year. However this is not a good thing at all. The previous growth rate was 22.1% and the market seems like it is shrinking. Learn more about it from here
  • Microsoft has purchased Linkedin for $26 billion. The purchase was announced on Monday. It looks like Microsoft may be heading to tackle on other CRM providers such as Oracle, SAP or Salesforce. Learn more about it from here
Cosmetics E-commerce is a growing market!
  • Cosmetics e-commerce market is a growing industry. There are many methods to increase conversions in it. Youtube marketing through vloggers or your own channel, throwing online contests, social media marketing or creating specialized mobile apps are all you need to get the most out of your audience while reaching new ones. Learn more about the exciting methods on cosmetics e-commerce market from here
  • While Latin America is not doing so well in e-commerce European e-commerce is experiencing growth. It is expected that the European market will grow about 12% and will reach €509 billion. Learn more about it from here
  • Facebook put up new ads that can track stores that customers visit. This will enable businesses to create online ads derived from the offline purchases.
  • Pinterest is a lively and growing social media platform. The buy button enables e-commerce businesses to create more conversions than ever. Visual aids support your business while you gain new customers, engagement, brand awareness and most importantly conversions. Check out our latest piece on Pinterest marketing for e-commerce businesses from here
  • This week our guest blogger is Miguel Bratos from He will share his insights and ideas regarding e-commerce product descriptions. As you know product descriptions are vital in your conversions. In order to gain more visibility online product descriptions can help your website gain better SEO and get your customers to purchase your products. The trick is to think like your customer, keep it simple and honest. Learn more about writing e-commerce product descriptions from here
  • Father’s day is approaching and one third of the online customers are getting ready to purchase your products online. Learn more about it from here
  • The cold country’s e-commerce market is hot as it gets. Iceland is experiencing an upward growth in its online retail market. Learn more about it from here
  • Another guest blogger of our lovely Prisync E-commerce blog is Shahid Abbasi from Peerbits, a mobile app development company. He is sharing his ideas and insights about native mobile app development and gives us some tips on what to do before starting. Your priorities should be your main targets that lie beneath creating a native mobile app and your business requirements. You need to take into account your expectations and budget. Learn more about 5 things to keep in mind before developing a native e-commerce app from here

Catching up to the news of e-commerce market is what you need to keep ahead of the market.

Good prices are another thing you will need if you aim to be ahead of the market.

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