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E-Commerce News: 10-16 December 2015


Dear ecommerce folks,

Greetings from another week in transition between 2015 and 2016. In this week’s ecommerce news and tips, we’ll be again covering many ecommerce resolutions, analysis and projections for both the last year and the very exciting next.

So, sit back, and enjoy our digest of must-read bits of ecommerce news and tips from last week, and don’t forget to take your notes to take your actions right after reading this!


2015 was the year of mobile, and guess what, 2016 is also going to be the year of mobile. (Like other years 2014,2013 etc.) In short, we’ll have no lack of mobile commerce in the news.

Econsultancy just published the analysis of the biggest mobile trends from 2015 and if you read this piece from Retail Touch Points, which covers the tactics on how to handle the 2016’s mobile challenges right after that, I think you are quite covered in terms of mobile strategies while moving on to another year of ecommerce.

Before moving into another year, it’s worth taking a deep look into what 2015 brought into our public retail knowhow. Retailwire’s recent piece asks “What did 2015 Mean For Retail?” and finds out hints of online-offline brand integrity, which also signals the increase value of omnichannel strategies in ecommerce.

Following an in depth thinking of 2015, a coverage of 2016 predictions for ecommerce came from Catalin Zorzini of Ecommerce Platforms, and it also includes an expected rise in mobile and more interestingly an increasing interest in customer loyalty programs.

Another cool piece on predictions for ecommerce in 2016 put together thoughts of Matt Curry of Lovehoney, James Gurd, the well-know host of #ecomchat on Twitter and many others. No surprises that, this piece also consists of mobile growth projections, it also covers things like an increasing attention for 3rd party tools to drive sales further, prioritisation of visitors rather than just visits, marketers’ plans for acquisition outside Google universe.


As we caught the idea of New Year fully in the air, it’s worth to take a look at another article by RetailWire, which again asks a nice question tackling our minds’ omni-channel lobs: “What would happen if stores were open in Christmas?”.

Our ecommerce news and tips radar surely has not only caught new year themed news and tips for you.

We again have good growth news for ecommerce market in China.

Also, as an ecommerce enablement tech provider with Prisync, we are true believer of ecommerce SaaS tools, therefore, we enjoyed the news of Janrain’s (a login tech company) new fresh funding of 27 Million USDs, and similarly Kount’s (online fraud detection company) round of 70 Million USDs. As it goes in the above mentioned predictions for 2016, the ecosystem of ecommerce enablement tech companies is also expected to grow as the ROI of such tools are getting more and more proven. Here, the tech stack of ecommerce companies is getting more and more important position in regards with ecommerce companies’ competitive strategies.


So, that was the “news” part, and let’s move on to tips that fall into our attention from last week!

Make sure that you check these 3 tactics to get more clicks for your ecommerce email marketing.

Mostly, strategies fall into trap of just being recognised as flashy buzzwords, and this suddenly becomes mainstream. However, let’s not treat conversion optimisation that way, and take that serious. Because it seems that lack of strategy in conversion optimisation kind of paralyses companies and put them in a sort of ignoring position regardless how they value this idea in their broader strategies.

The importance of same-day delivery is also increasing, as the consumers are getting more and more accustomed with such level of service at many online retailers worldwide, and failing to deliver that is kind of becoming a competitive drawback. Literally, you could be losing customers unless you implement a same-day delivery strategy.

Another implicit source of potential revenue loss in hidden in abandoned carts in ecommerce. Again, although it seems so obvious to aim for the recovery of those abandoned carts, the ratio of companies taking actions towards that is striking. A staggering 4 trillion USDs are projected to be lost due to abandoned carts, in single 2015.

Well, we hope you again enjoyed what we got for you this week.

Hope to see you next week, stay tuned!

Happy ecommerce days


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