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E-Commerce News: 06-12 May 2016


Busy weeks keep coming, one after the other. Don’t you think it’s time for that coffee yet? Our little tradition of catching up with the e-commerce market is what we look for the whole week. This week we have some news about PayPal, the first holographic bendable smart phone Holoflex and China. Let’s dive in!

  • The customer surveys of Canada show that Canadian consumers are afraid to purchase the wrong item and having trouble returning it. PayPal has 6 million users in Canada and is aiming to boost the online sales through their new campaign. PayPal is offering free return shipping and reimbursements to Canadian online shoppers. Canadian e-commerce is expected to grow by 8% in 2016 to $34.5 billion. Learn more about it here
  • Mobile e-commerce is growing at a faster pace than e-commerce market. This exciting data pushes the market to adopt e-commerce applications more than ever. Mobile e-commerce apps increase conversion and engagement with customers. Push notifications, new access to more specialized data and better customer experience are the reasons for this growing and exciting market. Learn more about it here
  • Videos are earning themselves a place in the heart of every marketing campaign. People prefer to watch videos over reading product descriptions or articles. Users turn to videos when they are deciding whether to buy a product or not. A video from the popular Youtubers or product reviews can be just what they need to purchase a product. Customer journey has lots of stages to integrate videos. Learn more about it here
  • Shanghai Aishang flowers Co., Ltd., China’s online shopping website for flowers has confessed to boost its sales by buying its own products. The company had its employees order from and to gain a higher place in the search results. 42% of the sales were fake orders. Analysts say this is just the tip of the iceberg. China’s e-commerce market has a dark side of its own, fake orders. Learn more about it here
  • Facebook marketing is one of the key marketing approaches for social media marketing as we have mentioned here. It allows e-commerce businesses to engage with their customers on a more personal level. Facebook offers customized audiences, dynamic and multi-product ads which are beneficial for your e-commerce business. Learn more about the star of social media from here
  • Twitter is creating a new system that is called Omnisearch. The main aim of this is to offer search as a service. The new system will enhance Twitter’s search function and allow people to be presented with different search results such as tweets with gifs or Periscope broadcasts. The specific features of the Omnisearch are not very clear yet but this new system is hoped to be the foundation for entirely new products. Learn more about it here
  • Content marketing is a crucial aspect of marketing for your e-commerce business as we have mentioned before in here. However, new content creators seem to be lost in the process. There are important rules to follow. Copying your competitions content or using generic style will not make you better off. Customer related content is what you need. Creating content need to show what your business can offer the customers. This week we will learn about the common mistakes on content marketing from Andreea Elisabeta Muresan-Leau, the VP of Marketing at Squirrly. Learn more about it here
  • Prisync’s CEO, Burc Tanir, is sharing his insights on the pricing strategies of the e-commerce businesses. E-commerce market is at the top of its performance when it comes to competition. It’s a jungle out there. Guest blogging on Lightspeed, Burc is delving into the market and brings out most effective systems and pre-automation steps. Learn more about it here
  • Groupon Inc, online marketplace, has sued IBM Corp over patent infringement. The fringing of the patent has gotten both of the parties tense. The patent in question is from December 2010 and is asking for royalties. Learn more about it here
  • Canadian researchers have developed the world’s first holographic flexible Smartphone. The device is called Holoflex. Its bendable display allows you to see 3D images which are changing according to your perspective. There is no need for 3D glasses at all. A brief video of the product can be found in here. Exciting isn’t it?
  • E-commerce is a passion and interest we all have in common. 12th of May is the day to celebrate that. Ecommday is uniting the e-commerce enthusiasts to discuss conversion optimization, mobile commerce, customer support and our favorite, pricing! International e-commerce day is here for us. Attend this exciting event and follow the live stream. Learn more about it here

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