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E-Commerce News: 05-11 November 2015

Dear e-commerce folks,

Let’s give a round of applause to our wild and sweet e-commerce world for never letting us down about exciting news, announcements or amazing content posted by great experts of their fields.

The theme of the holiday is totally in the air nowadays, and headlines started to get heavily covered with holiday campaign plans of major retailers. Last week, China’s response to Wild West’s marketing themes, Single’s Day was also quite popular and surely deserves a line or two in our e-commerce weekly digest.

Without losing any time, let’s check out what was worth taking a note in e-commerce last week:

Retailers like Macy’s, Newegg, Office Depot, Best Buy have all launched their offerings for the holiday. News about campaigns started to flow around late October, and according to the statements by retailers, they all will start right after Halloween.

The supply of campaigns is almost unlimited, but what about the consumer side? A fresh report from Facebook found that today’s consumers are shopping in a very fragmented way by using more channels and devices ever. 40% of consumers surveyed through Facebook research said that they will shop more online during this holiday season, and 59% said that they will shop differently than last year.

China’s response to all these flashy campaign news is not less striking at all. Welcome, Single’s Day! – not sure whether you were missed that much or not but, still, welcome.

Singles Day

Like in many other China e-commerce news, projections about the Single’s Day are also quite ambitious. For example, China Post estimates 760 million packages of delivery, which is 40% higher than last year.

There has not been much news about Groupon in the headlines for a while, so let’s not miss this recent change at the top management of the company. Chief operating officer Rich Williams will be replacing Eric Lefkofsky, who is also one of the co-founders of Groupon, the online-only retailer, and the daily deals site.

As always, in addition to news, we also gathered quite insightful tips from e-commerce world for you.

Personalization is a quite hot topic in e-commerce nowadays, but finding the optimum personalization strategy for your company is not a dead simple process. So, these “10 practical recommendations for choosing the right retail personalization service” will surely come in handy for all sizes of retailers considering a personalization strategy deployment these days.

Using technology at its best is surely delivers great results. However, retailers should not also neglect and miss the soft touches that are also necessary for running a sustainable business. So, your store is kind of organism, and it should have a healthy communication strategy with all parties that it is connected to. Thanks to “E-Commerce Platforms” for posting this piece out! has also posted a similar piece entitled “Technology is important but trust is essential”. That’s also worth reading.

So, to sum up, we are entering into exciting weeks, where we’ll see the clash of e-commerce clans offering eye-popping discounts and perks to their customers, and surely customers will not be shying away.

I wish all retailers the best of luck and patience during this period.

Stay tuned, and see you next week with fresh news & tips from the e-commerce market.


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