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E-Commerce News: 04-10 March 2016

Dear e-commerce folks,

We hope that you are having a great week, with sales piling up, deliveries handled safe and sound, and most importantly, your gems, your customers being kept happy and satisfied.

We really assume that you safely hand all things required to achieve that on a day to day basis, so want to keep you up to date again, with our insightful weekly digest on e-commerce news and tips that fell into our radar last week.

Lean back and enjoy reading it.

Last week’s e-commerce news and tips digest were heavily on Amazon due to the company’s few announcements echoed in the chambers of the e-commerce market, but this week, we have mainly news on other players from all around the world, and from diversified markets.

Well, it’s a fact, Domino’s Pizza is an innovative company, indeed. The company heavily invests in e-commerce and always tries to find ways to connect with its customers, and in that regard, they try to dig in for new methods from an omnichannel perspective. In its recent announcement, the company stated that mobile commerce constitutes nearly half of the business. We believe that Domino’s is sort of showing us a glimpse of what the future will bring in food commerce.

Another company news comes from the apparel industry and the player in the spotlight is Abercrombie & Fitch. In a statement on its figures from 2015, the company stated that e-commerce constitutes the %24 of its total sales.

An interesting data came in from another love mark for the fashion retail industry. Crocs announced that its e-commerce business grew more than %10, while its total sales decreased for about %8. Taking a look into the industry in general, this trend, which shows growth trajectories in e-commerce, but declines in total is not a rare sight.

Mobile payments industry keeps remaining vibrant, with so many players working on cracking the mainstream distribution. Google is one of those active players and announced its invisible payments with Hands-Free app last week.

Last week, we also enjoyed many insightful and thought-provoking posts and articles in the e-commerce blogosphere, and here goes a few of them:

Well, last week, on Prisync Blog, we covered 6 simple practices to be implemented to avoid fraudulent attempts towards e-commerce sites. You better check them out, because you know what they say: Safety First!

Community is all that many businesses have, and that’s not an exception to e-commerce only. Becky Bieber of SAP covered a lovely piece on how to with community-powered commerce and it’s definitely worth reading.

Gas prices are sort of riding on a roller-coaster these days, and it’s wise to dig down the effects of these fluctuations on the retail market. Well, this piece on RetailWire just does that and tries to see whether low gas prices help or hurt retailers.

Cross-border commerce is a big thing nowadays, and the Canadian-US border is a hot one in respect to that. US online shoppers nowadays are flocking towards Canadian e-commerce sites due to the declines in the Canadian dollar.

Networking is a must for any industry when applied in the right dose. On Prisync Blog, last week, we listed 9 major European e-commerce events happening in 2016, from Paris to Amsterdam, Stockholm and all.

Smart Insights published a lovely infographic on their blog last week on the state of online retail in 2016 and we felt that it’d be a lovely thing to share that on our weekly e-commerce news and tips digest this week as a closing remark. 🙂

We hope that you enjoyed the news and tips we shared this week and hope to see you again here, next week.


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