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E-Commerce News: 03-09 June 2016

E-commerce Weekly News

Hi there e-commerce enthusiasts! Hope your week is going well. This week there are many interesting news and we know that you have a lot going on so let’s get to the weekly e-commerce news.

  • Sephora started using Snapchat for online sales. The beauty giant is covering live stories where customers can take screen shots and purchase them through ShopStyle application. Through Snapchat, the company is covering more live stories and creating new opportunities for impulse purchases. Monetizing the mobile friendly applications is a new approach of the company it seems to be going well. Learn more about it from here
  • Instagram is coming up with new business friendly features. Business pages will be more controllable like Facebook business pages. These new profiles will enable businesses to choose how they prefer their customers to get in touch with them; call, text or e-mail. A contact button will provide the aforementioned information. Insight o Instagram will provide businesses with data according to their accounts. Measuring the success of your posts and deciding on which post resonates more will be a lot easier. Another development is that businesses will be able to promote their posts by targeting audiences which is their choice or is suggested by Instagram. Learn more about it here
E-commerce Shipping Tips for E-commerce Businesses
  • E-commerce shipping is a rough subject which is really important as a part of your business model. Your choice of vendors, service providers and technology are important factors that need to be considered beforehand. There is a big process from getting the order to actually delivering it to your customers. You will be packaging according to your product, choosing efficient routes to the warehouse, deliver them with a hopefully trained delivery crew. Your customer will only face your delivery crew and we know that it is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about it from here
  • Amazon Prime is experiencing huge conversions. According to the CEO Jeff Bezos Prime is “unlike anything else”. Amazon has previously offered a 30-day free trial to its customers hoping it would trigger customers into purchasing their annual Prime service. 73% of the customers have become members. Members are paying 99$ for this service and it seems like they are shopping more and searching for more products in order to get more out of their memberships. Learn more about it from here
Instagram marketing increases conversions and customer engagements and is great for e-commerce.
  • Social media marketing is a great tool to create a better company image and also engage with your customers. Since e-commerce business utilizes visual aids to its advantage when it comes to conversions; Instagram is a great platform for it. Having online contests, enriching your product descriptions and creating a new community will increase your conversions, sales and also your customer database. Instagram marketing is good for every e-commerce business. But getting ahead and finding a new method to do that is up to you. We gave you the basics, now it’s your turn. Learn more about it from here
  • Saudi Arabian Investment Fund is the headliner this week. Uber has landed an investment of $3.5 billion from them. The investment is a part of the deal between each party. Uber will be able to expand its operations to the Middle East. Uber is considered the most valuable venture capital-backed firm in the world with a valuation of $62.5 billion. Learn more about it from here
  • This week our guest blogger is Miljana Mitic from Goodvidio. She will share her insights regarding product videos and ways to increase your conversions through the use of videos. There are multiple types of e-commerce videos you can use on your store to help shoppers decide on purchases and increase conversions. In order to replicate the brick and mortar purchasing experience videos provide you with many opportunities. Product reviews, unboxing reviews, comparison or user generated videos which will do wonders for your business. Learn more about from here

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