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E-Commerce News: 01-07 July 2016


Hi there e-commerce community! Another week is going by and summer is here. Hot weather conditions make us feel grateful for air conditioners everywhere 🙂 The e-commerce sector is heating up as well. There are many exciting news to catch up to. Let’s start, shall we?

  • Spotify has accused Apple Inc. about blocking its iOS updates to get ahead in the competition. The issue has jumped to a price competition afterwards.
  • Pinterest is a great social media platform which centers around visual aids that is beneficial for e-commerce marketing. Pinterest marketing offers many methods for increasing conversions or impressions while building your brand image.
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  • We are sure that in entrepreneurship, there are many ups and downs of building a business from scratch. The learning process takes place by failing in your business attempts and, making sure that you never repeat any of that. This week our guest blogger, Mélanie Malbranque from Shopery will share her insights and ideas about building a business and provides us with a little check-list.
  • E-commerce giant, Alibaba, has plans for online-to-offline. Chinese shopping mall and department store operator Intime is the target of investment. Alibaba’s hunger and interest seems endless for growing.
  • Accounting may not be the most popular branch of businesses but it is one of the crucial ones that make sure your business is stable. This goes for e-commerce businesses as well. You might have no idea what to do about it and how to do it. Hope this little piece can give you a few insights regarding e-commerce accounting.
  • Bravelets, the charity bracelet e-commerce business, has turned its impressions to conversions. Mobile checkout processes can be a bit cumbersome for online customers. Optimizing the checkout process was the key for this success.
  • Advertising through Google Adwords can work wonders for your e-commerce business if it is done right. If you are not familiar with it Adwords can seem like a burden since it requires time for monitoring its effects but it does its job.
  • Snapchat’s young audience has gained new members which are over 35. The estimated number of users which are older than 35 occupies 14 percent of the Snapchat community. Will this be good or bad for the community. Will the teenagers enjoy the elder audience in their playground?
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  • Another guest blogger for Prisync Blog this week is Irene Gutiérrez from Actinic. Conversion funnel is the process of steps taken to ensure a successful conversion. Irene will share how it works and her 6-stage process which may be useful for other e-commerce businesses.

Catching up with the e-commerce news will keep you in the competition.


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