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E-Commerce Mistakes: Avoid Doing These Mistakes

Congratulations! You have started your own business and are very proud of it. But you might have problems as I mentioned in my earlier articles. It is important to know how to increase your conversions. But there is a more important thing than conversions and it is to not make mistakes. Keep your eyes open for the common mistakes, here we go!

Don’t Take Things For Granted

You have built your website and you expect great things to happen. But look at it from a user’s perspective. She/he has no idea about your company and considering the number of websites all around the world; it is pretty likely that she/he might ever hear about you at all. Just because you have created a business does not automatically guarantee customers. Stop waiting around and reach out to them. You can check out my articles for this purpose.

Don’t Underestimate Your Value Proposition

When people enter your website, they need to understand what you are selling and why should they buy it from you. Many websites do this design mistake. Let me clarify with a few samples. Here’s a company which has delicious soups and baked goods but has done the unforgivable mistake.

Yummy Tummy Website

There’s no clue here where we can get an idea what is going on here. We can’t even see the company name besides “Y” on the upper side. Let’s look at a better design so that we can compare more easily.

Wolverine Boots Website

We know we are buying fashion goods and we know which occasions to wear them by type. We can see the company name, live chat, sign up option and campaign details. It is important for you to show your value proposition and do it well. Also definitely add pictures which will attract your target audience. And since you are becoming a brand, make sure you have a logo.

Be More Specific!

In your website design, you need to create an easier user experience. They should be able to find what they are looking for easily. Make sure to have product descriptions and good quality product photographs. Especially if you are selling an aesthetically important good like furniture or clothes. A study by Nielsen also shows that making product pictures visible on the search bar. Have better navigation throughout the website.

Don’t Play Mysterious!

Your website should definitely have an about page. People usually look at what sort of a company they are buying from, where it is located so they can learn about the shipping or at least to make sure it exists. An about me page will increase your trustworthiness and if you have an interesting story about the company share it with them. You will be more sympathetic.

Be Cautious!

There are good improvements to be made on your website but sometimes they can be bad for you if the timing is not good. A good example of this is putting up reviews. People can decide on buying something if they see a few good reviews but if the product has no review at all it makes it look less attractive. The customer might feel like he/she is taking a risk by buying your product. But if there were no reviews she/he would not be reminded of that. You can put up reviews for different pages or gather some then publish them.

Don’t Make Shopping A Horror Movie!

3 young men scared screaming

Try to simplify the shopping process as much as possible. People are here to have fun at shopping not be bored to death. Have a simple sign up the system with only mail if possible. People do not want to fill out details which go on and on. Have clear statements about what information you need. The customer experience is very important for e-commerce. And considering the big wave of personalized experience in e-commerce, it would be wise of you to focus on that.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Social Media is one of the best places where you can meet your potential customers. Decide on your channels and act on it. But if too many accounts are too much for you don’t try to do them all at once. Choose one of them and work your way up. Another bad visual is 1 or 2 followers on Twitter. When people check you out from your social media accounts – and they really do that – they might think your page is not promising.


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