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E-Commerce Meetup: A List of Events Around the World

Always be networking!

As e-commerce had become a quite popular business field and practice, people from the market are quite interested in getting know their like-minded peers, also enthusiastic about where the market stands today and where it’s heading towards. Although, there are many annual, or bi-annual e-commerce or online retail events or congresses running in major cities around the world, the dynamism of e-commerce basically pops up in other smaller ways like, most popularly: Meetups.

Fun way to connect with people

Meetups are mostly the more casual counterpart of what other more structured events offer. They are also occurring much more frequently, like on a monthly basis or maybe a little less. As we will see below in the major e-commerce meetups, they are hosted by some local people who are already active in the field of e-commerce in their home country or city. Last but not least, they also offer a nice after-work activity for just socializing with one’s peers in their own town.


Here goes the list of top e-commerce events from all around the world from sorted by continents.


eComm&Beers-BCN – Barcelona

Based in Barcelona/Spain, the meetup group’s language is Spanish. Group’s main focus is people in eCommerce, who has an online store, developers, service providers, entrepreneurs or anyone interested in the subject.

The head of organization team is José Carlos Cortizo Pérez, Co-Founder and CMO of BrainSINS.

eCommerce – Making Customers Happy – Berlin

The group welcomes everyone who is or would like to start selling, buying or manufacturing products that are sold electronically.

Having more than a thousand members, the group is organized by Ramo and Tony Günther.

E-Commerce and Beyond – Dublin

“Ecommerce and Beyond” is a meetup dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to take their marketing to the next level. The plan of the series is to hold regular meetups once a month to put together people with the same mission: increase e-commerce/online sales while working less time and spending less money!

The meetups are hosted by Rodolfo Melogli, Author, Digital Marketer, Web Designer & Founder of Business Bloomer.

Istanbul E-Commerce Meetup – Istanbul

Istanbul E-commerce Meetup Group aims to get together e-commerce enthusiasts in Istanbul. In each meetup, there are very short voluntary presentations by the participants, but the main aim is just to exchange ideas within the community and hopefully generate some synergy. Therefore, anyone involved or interested in this vibrant market is more than welcome to attend.

With more than 2k E-Commerce Enthusiasts, Istanbul E-Commerce Meetup is one of the strongest organizations in Europe. Burc Tanir, Samet Akdağ and Neslihan Saygılı, Co-Founders of Prisync – the competitor price tracking software for all sizes of e-commerce companies from all around the world and Murat Soysal – Co-Founder of Segmentify – are the main hosts of the meetups.

WooCommerce London Meetup – London

Organized by WooCommerce, this monthly meetup is for people in central and greater London – or beyond – who have an interest in WooCommerce and are wanting to share ideas with like-minded web folk, and learn from experts on specific topics (including workshops and code-a-longs).

London Magento Meetup – London

The London Magento Users Group is the largest and most active Magento meetup group in the world, with over 1k members and meeting on a monthly basis.

Founder and Organiser of the London Magento Users Group is Lee Bolding, who is also the Co-Organiser of MageHack.

Stockholm E-Commerce Meetup – Stockholm

Stockholm E-Commerce group is for online retailers and retailers that want to launch an online shop, SEO-specialists, programmers, Internet marketers and professionals, entrepreneurs and all others that are interested in E-Commerce. Platforms, payment providers, logistics, SEO and product development is examples of topics in this group.

Sofia Marklund, Owner and CEO at Octapodo AB, is the main organizer of the meetup series.

North America

MTL + E-Commerce – Montreal

Based in Montreal, the purpose of this event is to network with other players in the eCommerce space, share tips, ideas and create synergy. Each event features two guest speakers from a variety of different industries and backgrounds with a section of Q&A.

Charles Brun, former Co-Founder and CEO of Now In Store is the top organizer of the series.

E-Commerce Toronto – Toronto

A group Toronto’s eCommerce leaders who lead small to medium sized business and want deepen their knowledge to prepare for future growth, host the meetups in downtown Toronto, in spaces where online retailers will feel most at homes to discuss topics under the umbrella of eCommerce and retail.

Brianne Price is the host of the meetups, she is also the Content Marketing Manager at Demac Media.

New York Magento Meetup – by New York

The Magento Meet-up gets together on the second Wednesday of each month at Hara Partners’ Midtown Office. Meet-ups open with a meet-and-greet session, during which members are encouraged to introduce themselves and offer an elevator pitch about their business, and feature an in-depth look at some aspect of Magento often times presented by guest expert from the Magento world.

Mai Erne, CEO at Hara Partners is the main host of the event.

Silicon Beach Ecommerce – Santa Monica

Based in Santa Monica – CA, Silicon Beach E-Commerce is a monthly meet up on the westside for established and credible E-Commerce professionals in the silicon beach community.

Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO of Hawke Media is the head of the management team of the meetups.

eCommerce and Internet Marketers of Southern California – Los Angeles

This is a group of eCommerece and Internet Marketers, it’s all about meeting other people in the field, exchanging ideas and learning new things. The ideal member would be doing eCommerce or internet marketing full time (they don’t want too many wantrepreneurs).

The host of the series is Travis Marziani, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer and Podcast Host.

E-Commerce San Francisco – San Francisco

No matter the specific vendor or solution that is used, we all have experiences we can share that will encourage and nurture best practices over the long term. E-Commerce San Francisco allows to meetup face to face, share best practices, hard won experience and tips for success.

You can also follow them on Twitter for the latest news about their meetup series.

Boston eCommerce Meetup – Boston

Boston is a hub for some of the best technology and innovation companies in the world. Companies such as Wayfair, Demandware, The Grommet, and many other successful eCommerce businesses headquartered in Boston. Boston eCommerce Meetup would like to facilitate a better eCommerce community for any company looking to get more out of their eCommerce website, by their meetup series.

Isaiah Bollinger, the CEO of Trellis, a Magento and WordPress eCommerce agency, is the organizer of the series.

New York eCommerce Forum – New York

The New York eCommerce Forum and its members are dedicated to the growth and development of the Tri-State eCommerce community. The group meets on the second Wednesday of the month to mingle, exchange war stories, and trade tips and techniques. Additionally, at each meeting one eCommerce company is showcased.

Mai Erne, CEO at Hara Partners is the main host of the event, the same organizers in New York Magento Meetup – by New York.

eCommerce Portland – Portland

Ecommerce Portland helping local companies participate in initiatives through the import and export of visions, concepts, technologies, know-how and best practices. Topics include: development, usability, platforms, design, marketing, integration, personalization, conversion optimization, security, organizational alignment, mobile, SEO, SEM, web analytics, functionality, strategy, social media integration.

Wendi Makuch, Director of Sales at 4-Tell, is the main organizer of the meetups.

South America

E-Commerce Meetup Argentina – Buenos Aires

Based in Buenos Aires, the group proposes to get together to share experiences of what is needed to carry out an eCommerce business (organization,marketing ,metrics ,systems etc.).

Buenos Aires eCommerce Meetup – Buenos Aires

This group is focused on bringing people together interested in eCommerce in Argentina, willing to discuss technical implementations, marketing strategies,B2B and B2C markets and everything related to the electronic market from personal and professional experience.

The event is hosted by Pablo Larrá, Co-Founder of Engee – a company dedicated to consulting and software development.


Johannesburg Woocommerce Meetup – Johannesburg

This meetup is focused on bringing e-commerce enthusiasts that are interested in WooCommerce. It’s great to learn new things related to WooCommerce and meet with ecommerce meetups in these meetups.

Johannesburg Shopify Meetup – Johannesburg

This is a group for anyone interested in eCommerce in general and the Shopify Platform in particular. Some of the topics that are included are; payment, fullfilment, importing and sourcing.


E-Commerce Meet Up (Indonesia) – Jakarta

E-Commerce Meet Up is a series of workshops and networking events in Asia aimed at educating and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs as well as start-ups on how to succeed in e-commerce. Hosted by Veritrans, the group had 17 meetups in a short time.

eCommerce Forum Israel – Tel Aviv

The forum is aimed mainly at Israeli eCommerce companies who have an existing business model, revenue stream or significant user base. The purpose of the forum is to share experience and assets with one another in order to promote individual growth. The meetup is hosted by Itai Preis, Co-Founder of Mr.MD/SpecifiCare and Oshrit Aviv, Founder of Entero.

eCom Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv

This group is the place for start-ups and businesses to share their experience relating to e-commerce business and technology in the international arena. Successful Israeli founded start-ups in this space include the likes of giftsproject and Magento.

Dan Ostroff is the organizer of the meetup series, the Founder and CEO of Doogma Inc.

e-Commerce & Online Entrepreneurs @Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

The group provides free workshops for Entrepreneurs who want to start their own E-Commerce Business but do not have the expertise of setting up an online business, knowledge of identifying product opportunities and marketing strategies.

With nearly a thousand members, the meetup is hosted by Jess Tan from Singapore.

Singapore eCommerce Marketing Meetup – Singapore

Singapore eCommerce Marketing Meetup offers its online enthusiasts to learn from topics like ‘How to start a eCommerce business as low as $100? ‘ , ‘How to do research to know what is the best products to do online? ‘ and so on.

Hosted by Daniel Choy, the group had 62 meetups since now and have 10 upcoming in the schedule.

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs @ Singapore – Singapore

This meetup group provides different workshops to accommodate people with different lifestyle, schedule, motivation and desires, to help Entrepreneurs who are interested to set up their own Online Business but do not have the expertise of setting up website and to leverage on the power of the Internet and E-commerce platform.

Hosted by Vincent Au, the group had 150 meetups so far.

eCommerce Colombo – Colombo

Based in Sri Lanka, the group is for everyone interested in sharing their eCommerce knowledge and know-how with the community in order to nurture a knowledge base and help develop a competent talent pool.

Harsha Kapilarathna, Senior Delivery Manager at Netstarter, hosts the group.

E-Commerce In The UAE – Dubai

The meetup group is dedicated to everyone interested in the rapidly booming e-commerce field within the UAE. Hosted by Moustafa Mahmoud, Founder & CEO of MENA Commerce, the group has nearly 3k ‘E-Commerce Warriors’ and had 9 meetups so far.


Retail Tech Melbourne – Melbourne

This meetup is designed to bring together retail technology innovators, small businesses, thought leaders, industry experts as well as retail enthusiasts to discuss the future of retail. They invite at least one thought leader and showcase a few startups in the industry at each event.

The meetups are hosted by Max Kwok, Community Manager at York Butter Factory.

The Melbourne eBay & Amazon Sellers Meetup Group – Melbourne

The goal for the group is to bring new and experienced eBay sellers as well as e-commerce sellers together to share stories and have some networking fun. Topics of discussions include new products versus used items, product suppliers, creating good adcopy, tips to get on the 1st page of the search results in eBay and Google Automation software and so on.

The group is hosted by Neil Waterhouse, Author of the best seller “Million Dollar eBay Business From Home – A Step By Step Guide”.

ShopTalk Sydney and ShopTalk Melbourne – Sydney / Melbourne

Shoptalk is an industry organized meetup group for eCommerce professionals in Melbourne. The meetup series first launched in Sydney & Melbourne in 2012 and then expanded into NZ into 2013, and also a local event in Brisbane started in 2014. Once a quarter, they bring together eCommerce experts and enthusiasts to share insights, tips and a drink.

The organizers include Justus Wilde, Founder & Strategy Director of Amblique – an Australian industry leader in e-commerce and digital consulting.

For the e-commerce folks who are based in the cities mentioned above, this list might give another reason to attend the next meetup in their town, and for the other cities, hopefully this can inspire some people to organize their very own.


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