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E-Commerce Influencers: 61 Experts You Need to Follow

Dear e-commerce folks out there!

Based on the content suggestions that we get from our readers, we prepared an extensive list that includes the influencers of the global e-commerce market to follow. As there are 61 people included, we categorized them as:

  • Founders / Co-Founders / Entrepreneurs,
  • Bloggers / Authors / Editors,
  • Online Marketers / E-Commerce Experts / E-Commerce Enthusiasts.

Also, we have created a Twitter List that you can follow all of them in a short way. The only thing you have to do is, to subscribe from here!

If you believe that we miss someone in our list, we’re ready to hear your recommendation over at the comments section.


Andrew Youderian

Andrew Youderian – @youderian

Andrew is the founder of eCommerceFuel, a private community for high six and seven figure store owners. He also shares tips related to e-commerce on his podcast. It is always relieving, hearing stories about ‘quitting the old job that consumes your life and start a new one where you can gleefully spy on your old boss while wearing ridiculous comfortable clothing’, like Andrew did. You can find the latest news and this relief on his Twitter account for sure, also you can checkout his latest podcast to also hear how relaxing his voice is.

Austin Brawner

Austin Brawner – @a_brawn

Austin is the ‘Chief Fixer’ at He constructs automated marketing funnels that return double and triple digit gains, while maintaining a relentless focus on transparency and ROI for his clients and the good thing about it, he shares a lot about eCommerce on his articles and podcast series on their website. If you are an eCommerce business owner, just check out his ‘21 Killer Tools and Apps Specifically For eCommerce Pros’ article and get started to master.

Bruno Leveque

Bruno Leveque – @bruno42

Bruno is a total inspiration, defines himself like ‘I am above all a “Business-oriented Geek”, fascinated by Computer Science and Entrepreneurship.’ He is the co-founder and CEO of PrestaShop, the world’s one of the leading e-commerce solutions powering over 250,000 online stores worldwide. You can clearly feel the enthusiasm and the energy from all of his social profiles, after listening to this podcast of his open source innovation, follow him on Twitter for daily inspirations.

Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone – @ezrafirestone

Ezra is the modern Robin Hood of the society as anyone can see his motto everywhere ‘Serve The World Unselfishly And Profit’. The CEO of SmartMarketer, shares lots of videos, tutorials, podcasts about covering any need in eCommerce and it is one click away from you. He is also one of the guys who can cheer you up on a video show while you can learn by very educational materials served by him. His sophistication is obvious that he is also the Co-Founder & CMO of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, the first pro-age cosmetic line for women of every generation.

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers – @paulnrogers

Paul is like an all-in-one package – a self-employed, ambitious and energetic digital marketing professional. You can find lots of guides on his own website and he gathers news together on his Twitter account from nearly any sources you can find online. We strongly suggest you to dig into his treasure and take his accounts into your industry tracking list.

Richard Lazazzera

Richard Lazazzera – @RichardABLS

Richard Lazazzera, Shopify Growth Team alumni and the founder of A Better Lemonade Stand, our one of the favorite eCommerce blogs and incubators. He absolutely loves creating businesses and building brands as he said in one of his interviews on SimilarWeb and it is that easy to be influenced by one of his posts and start your own business. His article ‘How to Find a Product to Sell Online’ is still a guide for newcomers in the eCommerce industry.

Roy Rubin

Roy Rubin – @royrubin05

The co-founder and former CEO of Magento, is surely the one who has a lot of impact on the eCommerce ecosystem. After the integration of Magento with eBay, Roy has turned into a serial investor and become an advisor of many successful businesses, the latest one being Akeneo. He continues to share dozens of articles on social media, be sure to tune in into his accounts and get the info from the pacesetter.


Tobi Lütke – @tobi

No extra words needed for the CEO and co-founder of Shopify. For those who doesn’t know him, he has also served on the core team of the Ruby on Rails framework and has created many popular open source libraries such as the Typo weblog engine, Liquid and Active Merchant. Of course, there are a lot to learn from the pioneer of the industry (latest interview on the NY Times), not only how to be ‘CEO of the year’ but also about the future of retail.

Bill D'alles

     Bill D’alessandro – @BillDA

 Founder of ElementsBrands, e-commerce obsessed. 


Jason Billingsley – @jbillingsley

 Co-founder Elastic Path Software & Zolo Realty.

Markus Linder

Markus Linder – @andreea-macoveiciucrkuslinder

 CEO of .


Nathan Huppatz – @huppy

 Co-founder at


Stefan Jørgensen – @stefbj

 Viking-Entrepreneur, CEO of itembase

tim peter

Tim Peter – @tcpeter

Founder of a full-service e-commerce and internet marketing consulting firm – Tim Peter & Associates LLC.



Andy Geldman – @andygeldman

Andy is the founder of Web Retailer, a site that helps businesses sell on marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon and others. He shares in-depth research and statistics, essential guides and interviews with the world’s top sellers in his must-follow blog.

Ecommerce Boy - Armando Roggio

Armando Roggio – @EcommerceBoy

Widely known as the ‘Ecommerce Boy’, Armando is an eCommerce professional, marketer, writer and developer with more than 4,200 published articles. You can find his recent publications on PracticalEcommerce or just follow him on Twitter for anything related to eCommerce.

Catalin Zorzini

Catalin Zorzini – @catalinzorzinizini

Catalin Zorzini is absolutely passionate about driving customer engagement for clients through effective content marketing. He is the founder of Mostash, a content marketing barbershop established in 2008. He is also the owner of ecommerce-platforms, an unbiased review site that shows the good, great, bad, and ugly of online store building software. While you can learn from his experiences, it is also easy to get in touch with him about his posts.

Chris Lake

Chris Lake – @lakey

The former director of content at Econsultancy, the CEO and Co-Founder of EmpiricalProof, a B2B focused SaaS startup, and one of the leaders in content marketing (check his periodic table of content marketing, seriously). Chris Lake mainly tweets about commerce, content marketing, SEO, CRO, design, CX, UX, SaaS and startups and there are a lot to catch from his accounts.


Dave Chaffey – @DaveChaffey

He is the author of one of the bestselling textbooks that offer a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of E-business and E-commerce Management. He is also the founder of an agency based on digital marketing, named Smart Insights.

Drew Sanocki

Drew Sanocki – @drewsanocki

Drew Sanocki is a New York-based online retail veteran. He started and sold a national e-commerce brand, Design Public and now he writes about data-driven digital marketing for e-commerce retailers on his website If you need any help on data-driven eCommerce growth, then his accounts are the right place for you. Check one of his favorite articles and see it yourself.

Graham Charlton

Graham Charlton – @gcharlton

Graham Charlton is Editor in Chief at ClickZ Global which includes Search Engine Watch, and ClickZ UK. He has a finger in most of the articles you see online and don’t think he’s slow at publishing his own content though. His latest post about smoothest eCommerce checkouts would give you a glimpse of his overall Twitter posts.

Jason Del Rey

Jason Del Rey – @DelRey

Jason Del Rey has been a business journalist since 2007, now he’s the senior editor of Re/code. He covers e-commerce and online payment companies for this business news site and if you want to keep up with the progress in the industry, he is definitely one of the guys you should follow. Check out his latest post and then probably you will subscribe.

Jason Goldberg -Retail Geek

Jason Goldberg – @retailgeek

SVP of Commerce at Razorfish, host of Jason & Scott eCommerce Podcast and the editor of, Jason Goldberg is a donor to the community. He actively shares news about the eCommerce industry alongside their weekly podcast series, tapping interviews of the leaders of the industry and also current affairs like Pokémon GO.

Linda Bustos

Linda Bustos – @edgacentlinda

Linda has been known as the writer and manager of GetElastic e-commerce blog earlier, and now she is the co-founder of Edgacent: an eCommerce advisory firm, and author of blog eCommerce Illustrated. While we are excitedly waiting for her upcoming book, you can check out her latest publications about mobile design and optimizing mobile product pages. Edgacent Linda, is definitely the one to follow with the morning coffee.

Nicole Reyhle

Nicole Reyhle – @RetailMinded

Retail Minded’s Founder Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, has spoken to crowds of twenty to crowds of thousands on retail subject matters that range from marketing to merchandising to operations to being a “retailer” in general. As an active retail enthusiast and researcher, you can find her regular posts on and check her twitter account to keep a tab on all things to do with small biz.

Ryan BeMiller

Ryan BeMiller – @shopsignals

Ryan is one of the guys who has brought together various talents like web-related solutions development, consulting, marketing, blogging! He is the founder of Shopping Signals, a blog of his own about almost anything about eCommerce. You can find mainly his own publications on his social accounts, but one can totally get equipped about the industry after spending some time on his articles.

alan storm

Alan Storm – @alanstorm

 Creator of Commerce Bug, author of No Frills Magento Layout. 


Gianluca Diegoli – @gluca

 Digital marketing manager and freelance professional for major Italian firms in e-commerce, publishes in Italian.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner – @EcommerceBytes

 Co-founder and Editor of EcommerceBytes (formerly AuctionBytes), the independent daily news source for online retailers.


Joe Dolson – @joedolson

 Contributing Editor to PracticalEcomm.

pamela hazelton

Pamela Hazelton – @pamelahazelton

 Contributing Editor to PracticalEcomm.


Steve Chou – @mywifequit

 Started an online store at, now he teaches others how to replicate his success through his blog.

thomas smale

Thomas Smale – @ThomasSmale

 Columnist at Shares articles related to e-commerce. Also founder of

tracey wallace

Tracey Wallace – @TraceWall

 Managing editor advocating for smallbiz success at Bigcommerce.

web smith

Web Smith – @web

The curator of daily letter – 2 PM Links

Online Marketers/Experts and Enthusiasts

Catherine Barba

Catherine Barba – @cathbarba

A serial entrepreneur and digital pioneer in Europe, Catherine Barba has founded and co-founded several digital businesses in France. Barba is the author of several books about eCommerce and the future of retail, including “2020, the end of eCommerce” or “Stores are not dead”. Check out her website and social accounts for the latest news and her experiences.

Dejan Jacimovic

Dejan Jacimovic – @dejanjacimovic

Co-Founder of Stunt Coders, host of eCommerce Show – each episode features an interview with a store owner or eCommerce thought leader. You can catch up the latest podcast of his with Ehsan Alipour, CEO at Oliso, shares some great advice on how to solve a handful of these commodity challenges. If you think you’ll miss the shows, just follow him on Twitter and get the latest news with the podcast series.

Francois Momboisse

François Momboisse – @fmomboisse

François Momboisse has been President of Fevad (French e-commerce & Distance Selling Association) since 2002. He is also head of international digital operations for the FNAC (a leading retailer of high tech and cultural goods). He is one of the leaders of eCommerce in Europe and it is better to remind that his tweets are in French.

Kunle Campbell

Kunle Campbell – @KunleTCampbell

Kunle is currently an e-commerce growth advisor and coach to e-commerce teams. But for sure he is also one of the influencers that has multi-directional abilities. He blogs, runs webinars, teach courses and hosts a podcast series about e-commerce growth on If you check out his Twitter account, you are going to be amazed by the news that you can not see elsewhere.


Nic Brisbourne – @brisbourne

He is a venture capitalist with a talent for spotting new markets early, on a mission to invest in the UK’s best e-commerce companies. He also writes about his experiences on Europe’s most popular venture capital blog – The Equity Kicker. He is the one to follow about investments, startups and for sure the opportunities in e-commerce.


Peep Laja – @peeplaja

His knowledge related to conversion optimization is outstanding, and his article related to increasing conversion rates of e-commerce stores is one of the most shared e-commerce content. Follow his blog ConversionXL – to get data – driven advice.

Tucker Schreiber

Tucker Schreiber – @tuckerschreiber

Tucker is a growth marketer at Shopify and a serial entrepreneur. He is not just sharing the news about the ecosystem but also sharing his experiences, his favorite tools to help grow the whole community. Since experience is the key in e-commerce industry, you have the chance to learn from one of guys that stands in front of the heart of it. He is also an active speaker, educator, mentor, and contributor in the marketing community.

Brendan Witcher

Brendan Witcher – @BrendanWitcher

 Principal Analyst Forrester Research covering e-commerce Solutions.

Charles Brun

Charles Brun – @_charlesbrun

 E-commerce junky, Founder of Montreal Ecommerce Meetup: @mtl_ecommerce 

Chris Hoskin

Chris Hoskin – @chrishoskin

 Leading Global Marketing for MetaPack

Corey Ferreira

Corey Ferreira – @coreyvf

 Entrepreneur. Marketing @Shopify

Cynthia Chen

Cynthia Chen – @TheCynthiaChen

 Global Head of eCommerce at Mondelēz International.

David Boada Edo

David Boada Edo – @davidboada

 E-commerce and Digital Marketing Specialist, publishes in Spanish.

Jesus Portilla

Jesús Portilla – @ChusPortilla

  Founder @DircomAsturias, e-commerce and social media consultant, publishes in Spanish.

John McIntyre

John McIntyre – @JohnMcIntyre_

 Expert at E-commerce email marketing and life-cycle marketing.

Liviu Taloi

Liviu Taloi – @ltaloi

  Trainer & speaker on e-commerce, usability, web analytics, conversion rate optimization, online marketing.

Matt Thorpe

Matt Thorpe – @Thorpeedo

 E-commerce Expert & Serial Helper. Teaches webshop stores how to get big!

Nacho Somalo

Nacho Somalo – @nachosomalo

 Entrepreneur. Professor of Business Schools in innovation, entrepreneurship and e-commerce, publishes in Spanish.

pablo renaud

Pablo Renaud – @pablo_renaud

 E-Commerce Jedi. 15 years in the trenches of eCommerce. Publishes in Spanish.

Raul Dorado

Raul Dorado – @RaulDorado

 Developing Internet projects, Managing Partner of @SegundaPlanta – An agency related to e-commerce, publishes in Spanish.

Reid Greenberg

Reid Greenberg – @reid_greenberg

 SVP Ecommerce & Digital @KantarRetail.

Ricardo Tayar

Ricardo Tayar – @rtayar

 CEO & Co-founder – An agency related to optimization, UX, SEM. Publishes in Spanish.

simon lilly

Simon Lilly – @simonlilly

 UK Ecommerce at FatFace. Previously headed up e-commerce & digital at Lush.

Stephane Alligne

Stéphane Alligne – @Stefalligne

  E-commerce and retail expert for 12 years, publishes in French.

Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis – @StevenPDennis

 Retail growth & innovation strategy consultant.

william harris

William Harris – @wmharris101

 Growth Marketer and Founder 


Based on your suggestions you, here is our bonus listing:

Anne Marie Stephen

Anne Marie Stephen – @annemarie_ams

CEO & Founder @KWOLIA

ashley friedlein

Ashley Friedlein – @AshleyFriedlein

CEO & Co-Founder @Econsultancy

emily culp

Emily Culp – @emilyculp

CMO at Keds

kelly hoey

Kelly Hoey – @jkhoey

Writer, Influencer & Professional Speaker

kelly stickel

Kelly Stickel – @kstickel

Founder & CEO @Remodista

linus greg

  Linus Gregoriadis – @LinusGreg

Global Director of Research and Intelligence @Contentive

Rose hamilton

Rose Hamilton@rosefhamilton

Chief Digital Officer @theVitaminShoppe

veronika sonsev

Veronika Sonsev – @vsonsev

Partner @Chameleon Collective

Yulia Smirnova

Yulia Smirnova – @commercebrain

Founder & Managing Director of CommerceBrain



Paul Rogers

Thank you for featuring me – great piece 🙂

Graham Charlton

Thanks Burc for the kind words. I don’t think I can claim to have been ‘master gear’ at Econsultancy – I was just part of a great team. I think Founder and CEO Ashley Friedlein deserves that epithet a lot more than me..

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