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E-Commerce Conversion: Holiday Season Success

Everyone’s long-awaited Christmas is almost there! So, you are now up and ready for your consumer’s rush into your webshop, and getting further ready for getting most out of that rush, i.e. maximize your conversion rate.

As it was the case in all holiday seasons in the previous year, 2015’s holiday shopping is also expected to set new records in e-commerce metrics. So, there is a real opportunity to seize, at stake. Also, in regards to the consumer’s device fragmentation, it’s expected to be the most complicated holiday season so far.

In order to get most out this overall interest in online shopping, you have many things to accomplish, and here we’ll be going through 3 major strategies that you must implement in order to achieve maximum conversion rate:

Top-notch site search capability

Especially, during holiday seasons, your webshop will receive traffic from some shoppers who have clear gift ideas in their minds. Therefore, your little sweet search bar will be their first touch-point in their – hopefully – memorable shopping journey in your site. Well, like all of us in some cases, these shoppers might not be spelling geniuses when it comes down to thousands of different products and variations in the market. Therefore, your web-shop should have a bit of flexibility for not neglecting those minor typos over at your search bar and driving them further into shopping to increase your conversion rate.

However, the research shows that the vast majority of e-commerce sites are missing that flexibility and actually %70 of those sites deliver search results depending on exact matches of what shoppers search in a site. So, imagine that, you are retailing office supplies, and a shopper just searched for a ‘computer table‘ – which is surely maybe not the best of putting it in words, but hey, why not? – and you listed your relevant products under name of ‘computer desks‘. If you are in that %70 of exact match pickers, you would not be delivering what your shopper is looking for. It’s just too sad!

To avoid such sad situations during this blissful period of the shopping spree, install a search engine into your webshop with an auto-completion feature, that helps your visitors find what they are looking for, and eventually turn them into happy shoppers.

Best Seller Lists – yes, it really works!

Well, surely this year had brought in many different products into your product assortment, but last year’s best selling items data is still relevant and worth checking out for generating a list.

Along with opening a category name like ‘Gifts‘, highlighting such group of products with badges like ‘top-selling‘ or again under a different category like ‘Most Popular Products‘.

Also, having such a segmentation is not necessarily a holiday-only strategy, but instead, you can keep such a segment alive in your site forever, so you can always direct your customers towards such high-converting items in your store, so that you can maintain their top-selling characteristic for a long time while achieving a sustainable improvement in your conversion rate.

Personalised recommendations for your visitors

First off, let’s appreciate Amazon’s success here. We all see how seamless do their recommended products widgets work depending on our previous shopping behavior, or even the products you just browsed.

A massive 31% of total e-commerce revenue was driven from product recommendation in 2014’s last quarter, as shown in a researched conducted by Brilliance. Conversion rates were 5.5 times higher when there was an active personalized product recommendation in place during their shopping experience.

No matter what you are selling online, you always have complementary products in your assortments. So, for example, if a shopper just bought a laptop from your store, make sure that you display a case or maybe an external hard disk to her/him to tempt them into buying further.

By this way, you would not only increase your conversions but also increasing your average basket size, because you’ll be up-selling to an existing shopper.

Implementing recommendations in your site is actually not an extremely difficult process and there are quite a few nice plugins or tools that cover you from bottom to top, fully.

As we also included our Weekly E-Commerce News and Tips Digest last week, check out this guide by Smart Insights about Selecting E-Commerce Personalisation Software to take a step further.

Also, don’t dissatisfy your visitors by being shy when it comes to campaigns and discounts, because they will all be aware of what’s going on at your competitors and all their offers and discounts.


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