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5 Ecommerce Forums to Boost Your Wisdom


Since our childhood days, we have all seen that, the best way of learning is actually learning from our peers, either from their successes or failures.

Just tapping that need, forums have been at the central point of internet, since its inception. It’s possible to find particular forums addressing particular needs or gathering specific group of people from all around the world and creating an engaging ground for discussion.

In this blog post, we’ll be covering the major ecommerce forums where ecommerce minds exchange their stories, – again success or failure – their best practices, tricks and all.

Spending a bit of regular weekly or monhtly time in these ecommerce forums can immensely help you in particular challenges you face within your business, so get ready to take your notes on where to start from.

1-Shopify’s Discussion Forums

Very well aligned with its content mastery, Shopify has one of the most engaged ecommerce forums available on the internet. As part of its Ecommerce University theme, Shopify’s Discussion Forums cover wide range of topics like Ecommerce Marketing, Shipping, Accounting or in short, all things ecommerce. It also has a nice special thread where Shopify merchants exchange generous feedbacks for their own webshops.


2-Webretailer – for online marketplace sellers

Webretailer mainly addresses the marketplace sellers and the theme within the forum is mostly the challenges that such retailers face. Along with its user generated forum boards, where any seller or e-commerce enthusiast can post a thread, a question or an idea, Webretailer also has listing pages for several types of e-commerce enablement technology tools, to help retailers to find the right solution for their common problems. (For ex. see Prisnyc’s listing on Webretailer.)


3-eCommerceFuel’s Forum

eCommerceFuel’s Community is a little more for more advanced retailers with annual revenues of $250K or more. They define the 3 core values of their community as, meaningful online experience (again here, eCommerceFuel requires its members to have hands-on, real ecommerce experience), fierce independence and strong sense of community. The community currently has 650 members across 6 continents. There’s also an application process for vendors that would like to participate in eCommerceFuel’s ecommerce forum, but the path the selection seems like a tricky one as the team is quite selective.


4-EcommerceBytes Discussion Boards

EcommerceBytes itself is already a go to resource for fresh ecommerce news and tips from the market. Also it hosts a quite old school looking yet an engaged ecommerce forum. Although it’s less categorised than Shopify’s Forum,  one can find very interesting and actually niche threads there, and can learn things that would be impossible to learn otherwise. Where on internet, can you find such a vibrant community discussing on e-commerce of Porcelain and Pottery? Surely here in Ecommerce Bytes’ Forum.


5-Ecwid’s Ecommerce Forum

Another major ecommerce platform boosting its brand power by delivering a discussion ground to its users or to all ecommerce people from all around world it Ecwid. In its forum, one can find more technical resources than elsewhere, so we can say that this forum is one of the most developer friendly forum when it comes to e-commerce development. Already doing great job with their Blog, Ecwid team is pushing their forum to a better point in parallel with the rising interest in platform-based e-commerce development.

(Check out our guest blog post on Ecwid’s Blog about Smarter Price Competition!)


The internet is surely an endless universe, and ecommerce is a wide deep ocean. So, we totally know that there’s a much bigger online community at other places from these above mentioned 5 websites. We just wanted to get you started with the feeling of sharing and caring all things ecommerce with your peers by pointing you the most welcoming ecommerce forums that we currently know.

The rest relies on you! Good luck with finding new oceans, new peers, and hopefully many new interesting ecommerce stories. 🙂

Happy e-commerce days!


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Note: I am Burc Tanir, co-founder of, the competitor price tracking software for e-commerce companies of all sizes from all around the world. As an e-commerce enthusiast, I eat and breathe e-commerce and will always love to connect with e-commerce enthusiasts on anything about e-commerce. Feel free to drop me a note at


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