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E-Commerce Conversions: Easy Tactics to Try

E-commerce is a competitive business and with a crowd of new entrepreneurs added to this community, it is getting more competitive than ever. You have an online shopping website and selling high-quality goods but your sales do not increase as much as you would. What is going wrong? You know you are good. Actually, all you need is a few fix-ups to realize your potential. Shall we start?

Be Cruel To Be Kind!

As the creator of your own online shop, you might be sure that every step until conversion is going smoothly. However, since you know every part of every section on your website it can be easier for you than some random person. Have a friend of yours who did not used your online shop yet take a look at your website. Follow his steps and see what doesn’t seem obvious for him. Maybe the purchasing button is not noticeable for him. Or he might want to know more about the products before buying. Hear out his criticism and try to fix the little problems you may not have noticed.

Product Description Gillette


Call-to-action is one of the best things to get your potential customers to purchase your products. For example, you can have a pop-up that says “Want to know about the latest discounts for the products?” and if the user does not want it to make sure to put a little sentence in there such as “No, thank you. I have so much money that I don’t care if I pay more than I have to.” Sentences like these will make the user get a big picture on their head and make them want to subscribe to your discount news. Also, you can create many leads through these subscriptions and spread the word about your campaigns much easier.

This Product Will Change Your Life!

Have fun with the descriptions. People want to know about the products when they try to decide whether to buy it or not. But if you can put some phrases like “maaan it’s cheap” or “this product will make you smile after a long day”. In the stores, the salesman keeps this intimacy through talking. But why can’t you do it with a little difference in your product descriptions? Make their purchasing decisions fun for them.

Make An Offer They Cannot Reject

Have a campaign once in a while. Make delivery cost go away for purchases over let’s say 35$. This would increase the incentive for them to purchase one more item. Or you can mention how many products are left on the product page. If there are only 1 or 2 products left people will rush themselves into making a purchasing decision knowing that they might not be able to do it later. Through these campaigns, people can feel they are getting a good bargain product or enjoy a free delivery more.

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Social Media Is Your Best Friend!

Every online shop or even every business should have a presence on social media. People today, are very attached to their social media accounts. And they also look up the products or brands from their social media accounts. Show your campaigns, products, and discounts on social media. Using platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram can make your products more accessible and through the comments, you can always know what your customers think of those products.


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