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E-Commerce Conversions: Strategies to Get Noticed

E-commerce is a competitive business and with a crowd of new entrepreneurs added to this community, it is getting more competitive than ever. You have an online shopping website and selling high-quality goods but your sales do not increase as much as you would. What is going wrong? You know you are good. Actually, all you need is a few fix-ups to realize your potential. Shall we start?

Inner Beauty

Your website has every right to be noticed and be popular. However beautiful it looks on the outside, the important thing is its inner beauty. Get your website checked. Look for a problem in your flow diagram and fix it.

Who’s Your Daddy?

The platforms such as Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, or WooCommerce that enable people to open their own online shop can be the main cause of your website breakdown. If you have not updated your online payment methods and are stuck with the old ones they might not work anymore. Also if the platforms are not confident in your work segment the whole website might shut down and your contract could be canceled.

Know Your Customer!

Google Analytics, Metrica or Mixpanel are your best friends if you want to know your customer and why they behave the way they do. Your customers’ route through the website can be your answer to low conversions. Find out which pages lead to no conversion and check those pages out. See what kinds of products are sold more and look at the demographics of your visitors. Know your crowd.

Unclog The Pipes

Your checkout page might not be working properly. Try to purchase something and see how it goes. The online payment method may not work or when you press the purchasing button for you might end up at the

Don’t Estimate the Ballpark Figure, Learn It!

How much do you charge for your products? It is important to be near market prices. If you are too high on the prices, people might not convert after seeing the prices. Also if you have a cut-rate product line you might be losing money. You should check your competitors’ activity in prices. It is important to know the cycles of price such as the seasons, holidays or even Fridays. For this, you will need an online price tracking software. Luckily we are here. Check out!


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