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E-Commerce Blogs: 6 You Should Be Following

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly. Every day, a new technology or methodology is being introduced into the market.

Segmentation, customisation, contextualisation, same-day shipping, price monitoring and all such strategies are starting off as experimental tries and then proves themselves to be must-apply actions in the market.

In order to catch up with what’s trending in the market, and to get inspired on what can be the next big game-changer thing, every ecommerce professional should be following her/his market closely. And the most effective way of doing this is following the major ecommerce blogs covering worldwide ecommerce news and tips.

In today’s blog post, we wanted to get you covered with a list of 10 ecommerce blogs, we also like to follow and believe that following them, will also make your ecommerce lives much better.

So, here goes our list of 6 ecommerce blogs that you should follow:

Shopify Blog

Offering wide range of resources on ecommerce trends and inspiration, Shopify Blog is also very well crafted for the early stage ecommerce entrepreneur. The ecommerce blog contains crucial and hands-on tips about how to get started with ecommerce and how to start selling – literally.

Their friendly case studies with their portfolio companies also offer many lessons to be learned through real-life examples of ecommerce companies.

3dcart Blog

Topics include things like marketing for ecommerce, including SEO, Paid advertising, partnerships and social media tips. Other topics include setting up your processes, including shipping and payment gateways, with specific recommendations on services. 

3dcart is one of the most versatile ecommerce blogs out there. Unlike some ecommerce websites, they don’t just give you tips for their own platform. Instead, they focus on a wide variety of tips pertaining to ecommerce. 

Lastly, you can get a ton of business ideas and design ideas for your online store, as well as how to source products. 

Practical Ecommerce

As its name implies, Practical Ecommerce’s blog always aims to cover pieces which can provide clear and actionable insights to ecommerce professionals. Posts in the ecommerce blog, mostly make you read them and then jump through further content to dig it deeper and actually get started with what’s recommended or spoken about in the content.

Categorisation of topics like marketing, search engines, social media and others also provide readers the chance to focus on particular ecommerce areas of interest to learn more on that particular fields.

A Better Lemonade Stand

Run by Richard Lazazzera, who was part of the Shopify’s epic growth team earlier, A Better Lemonade Stand’s Blog (ABLS) positions itself more of an “online commerce incubator”.

Content in ABLS’s ecommerce blog is crafted with ecommerce entrepreneurs and startups in mind, to help them get going with the very early days of their online commerce journey.

It’s a must follow blog if you are thinking of getting started with the ecommerce or already did an trying to find the ways of early growth in the market.

Internet Retailer

Defining itself as the “portal to e-commerce intelligence”, Internet Retailer is a go-to source when it comes to e-commerce data, on almost anything.

The pieces published on Internet Retailer’s ecommerce blog always tap the trending phenomenons in ecommerce market and cover the issues in a quite data-driven manner, demonstrating the picture more analytically than elsewhere.

They also publish lists and reports on top ecommerce companies worldwide and also act as a market database, focussing on ecommerce.

Prisync Blog

Prisync Blog covers the freshest ecommerce news and tips from the ecommerce market.

Posting around twice or three times a week, the weekly ecommerce digest from Prisync Team is becoming a quite common way to catch up with the market, while its rushing towards its future.

Being ecommerce enthusiasts themselves, the team loves to discover new fields of ecommerce technologies and methodologies and share the best practices or how-to guides of such areas along with the lists of products that might help ecommerce professionals during their journey.

We really hope this list of ecommerce blogs may help you out to catch up with what’s trending in our ecommerce market and help you to implement the right strategies for your company to boost your sales and create new happy customers.

Good luck with that, and see you later in another post!


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