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E-Commerce Country Stack: Greece

Greece’s population exists of 10.9 million people, of which 68% uses the Internet. 3.0 million of these internet users shop online. These online shoppers on average spend €1,600 and the Greek e-commerce sales reached €4.5bn.

Despite the amazing popularity of e-commerce all over the world, only 24% of Greek retailers are selling their products to all over EU and only 47% is selling in the country online. It is not possible to say that they are making the most of the digital opportunities. A reason for these numbers can be that cross-border e-commerce is experiencing some problems due to the differences in contract laws regarding trade.


The 10% of Greek customers are buying products from other EU countries. The problem that limits their choice of good products and prices is related to contract law rights. 30% of customers express their concerns regarding non-delivery of their order, repairing or replacing their orders if it turns out to be a faulty product.


After giving a quick overview on Greece, now we would like to provide a detailed resource for those who want to know and reach more in this beautiful country. Respectively you’ll see the list of e-commerce blogs, top influencers, events and top e-commerce retailers in Greece.

Also, you can also get an idea about the old versions of the landing pages of popular websites in Greece in the article below.

Nostalgia to E-Commerce Sites in Greece


E-Commerce Related Blogs in Greece

The Greek Electronic Commerce Association (GRECA) is the core and the voice of Greek businesses, which are active in the field of e-commerce. As a reference point, all businesses / members have the opportunity to directly informed of developments and receive statistics, information and data that helps them make decisions according to the publications.

Neoecommerce is dedicated to the new business models of e-commerce. It presents and analyze both the number of new and innovative business models and new companies in the industry from Greece and abroad.

Originally, Netstudio is an agency which provides marketing, e-store design and advertising services to e-commerce retailers. This website has also a great amount of information and articles about everything related to marketing in its blog.

The publishes daily minor and major news related to the field of e-commerce. This detailed news resource provides an objective, reliable, timely and decent update with the fastest growing commercial sector in Greece.

E-Satisfaction is a credible and easy way to ask your customers what you can do better, understand their answers and leverage this feedback to recover or retain them. Its blog is focused on e-commerce suppliers and they offer insights about this specific area of e-commerce business, including reviews and customer experience.

When it comes to advertising, is one of the most popular publication sites in Greece. You can follow latest news, insights and events from almost every category such as advertising, PR, digital, marketing offers daily news, case studies and articles about the business circle in Greece. It is one of the well-known and active business sites in Greece.

This website has a great amount of information and articles about everything related to marketing such as inbound, social media, content marketing and also web-design.



Influencers in Greece

Anastasios Schinas

Experienced in marketing, operations, packaging, S/W engineering, management, advertising, music and video production and implementation.


Arsenis Paschopoulos

E-commerce, social media and internet marketing expert (started in 1996) and experienced international speaker and trainer (over 7,000 students) since 1995. Aims to be at the forefront of online digital new media to help businesses with their promotional and sales goals.


Christopher Pappas

He’s the founder of eLearningIndustry network-based media and publishing company. He’s social media addict and giving speeches about eLearning


Dimitris Theofanous

Internet executive with over 9 years of experience, including management within mid and large size organizations, corporate development, business operations and strategy. Currently, he is responsible for e-commerce and digital marketing activities at – one of the most popular online shop in Greece mainly focusing on high technology products.

Efstathios Intzeidis

Advisor to international companies in the T.I.M.E. – Retail Industry. The focus of consultancy services is designed to provide strategy advice in designing new business models, creating/launching new products and services or integrate new e-business models into the businesses.

Fotis Antonopoulos

He’s e-commerce director of Fais Group – one of the largest Commercial Groups in the Balkans. He’s also conducting the presidency of  Greek e-Commerce Association.

Giorgos Alexakis

He’s working as a digital account manager at Lighthouse e-commerce & e-marketing solutions. He aims to help companies to take control of their online & offline identity and find numerous ways to tell a compelling story that inspires and impresses about their products or services. Also tweeting about e-commerce, SEO, marketing and social media.

Nikos Mr Varvadoukas

He has a proven track record of delivering results in regional Retail, world-leading FMCG brands & pure e-commerce. Currently Marketing, CRM & e-Commerce Director in one of the most amazing retailers in the SE Europe region – Cosmos Sport SA. He is the founder of GRECA(Greek Ecommerce Association), one of the authors in ecommercewiki and a jury member of Ecommerce Awards.

Panos Kontopoulos

He’s the CEO and founder of – Digital Marketing Agency. He is writing on’s blog about business management, sales, operations, account management, inbound marketing, user experience, information architecture, social media, web technologies.


Pantelis Chiotellis

Passionate digital marketing consultant with long experience in sales (B2B & B2C) and entrepreneurship. He helps small businesses stand out from their competition.


Paris Koronaios

He is the general manager at GRECA (Greek E-commerce Association) and also member of the board of advice at E-Commerce Foundation. One of the most important e-commerce contributor in Greece, he provides the ways to reach more than 3.000 e-commerce decision maker in Greece.



Expert in consumer insights. He also has great knowledge about new media, marketing and e-commerce.


Yannis Karampelas

He’s the founder of He’s skilled in AdWords, analytics, SEO, conversion rate optimization, usability, web design & development and e-commerce


E-Commerce Events and Meetups


eCommerce Conference

E-commerce Conference 2017 is the annual event of the Greek e-commerce market that every year brings together the massive interest of its people, focusing on the most important issues facing today those active in e-commerce. The conference is aimed at all businesses in Greece that operate or plan to operate in e-commerce, as well as their suppliers.


Meet Magento GR 2017

The leading eCommerce conference “Meet Magento” will take place for the first time in Thessaloniki on October 11th, and for the third time in Athens on October 12th. During Meet Magento Greece conference you will have the unique opportunity to get in touch with e-commerce leaders as well as Magento developers. You will have the chance to exchange knowledge and experiences with decision makers and experts according to the approaching Magento and eCommerce, establish new contacts, talk about current trends and benefit from the different synergy effects.


INFINii E-Commerce Summit

E-commerce Summit includes the most powerful training modules to help you take off your e-commerce business, especially on eBay. You’ll have a chance to learn directly from top e-commerce specialists who have made great success on the largest online platforms like eBay and Amazon and have tremendous experience in marketing and using social media.


PrestaShop Athens Ecommerce Meetup

This special event is designed for to connect all prestaShop users, web developers, web designers, Open source advocates, start-ups, and technology organizations.

Their goal is to educate, spark interest, answer questions, and discuss success stories.




Most Popular E-Commerce Retailers – electronics & culture & entertainment

Public is the largest department store of technology, culture and entertainment in Greece. They have more than 50 stores in Greece and Cyprus.  Also, they have so many awards including national e-commerce awards which in organized by GRECA.

Kotsovolos.grElectronics + Home Electronics

KOTSOVOLOS is the leading electrical and electronics chain in Greece and operates in the country since 1950. The company specializes in the sale of electrical and electronic products, such as large and small household appliances, audio and video equipment, computers, photographic equipment and telecommunications products.


Electroholic.grElectronics + Home Electronics

Focusing on modern needs, provides o electrical and electronic equipments. The company can offer to all customers branded products in almost any quantity such as Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, BenQ-Siemens, Sony, Sharp, Philips, General Electric, Siemens, Fujitsu.


Tsampas.grElectronics + Home Electronics started its operations in 1966 and is the object of trade electrical household appliances alone. Electrical Appliances and Appliances such as refrigerators, cookers washing machines and dishwashers, televisions, DVD, Home Cinema, Blue Ray can be found in that online store. – Electronics

Cosmodata is one of Greece’s leading Computer, Hardware, Notebook and Peripherals retail dealers. It offers the best prices on computers, hardware, laptops, consumables, peripherals, software and more. Electronics is the first and largest online store in Greece, with 14 years of experience in Greek e-commerce, over 15 product categories and thousands of satisfied customers. It is estimated that the majority of Greeks who have bought online have been shopping at least once from today is among the most popular e-shops available in Greece. If you are looking for a laptop, tablet, smartphone or a multifunctional machine, just visit and get exactly what you are looking for at the best available price. – Fashion

The company Alter Shops was founded in 2002, with a goal to form and present an innovative concept in retail sales of clothing and footwear. By acquiring a special know-how from its initial activation in idiomorphic multi-cultural markets, it managed to set up shops which quickly prevailed for the consumers. Alter Shops are characterized by their central positions, their special architectural dimension, their concordant participation of clothing, footwear and accessory products, the unique composition of a wide range of brand names and by an innovative – “free” way of presenting products and customer service. – Fashion

Brands4all E-shop addresses a large number of the customer database. They aim to be amongst the top 10 online shops on International level by offering a wide range of quality products at the most affordable prices.

Heavenofbrands – Fashion

“HeavenOfBrands” is an online clothing / footwear shop that caters to all those who love athletic and casual outfits and aims to offer branded products at the best possible prices.


Spartoo.grFashion is the top site for shoe sales on the internet. Its goal is to constantly recommend fashion brands and models of shoes: shoes, boots, ballerinas, sports shoes, flip flops … Even slippers!



In online shoppers will find the largest selection of shoes for every taste and style. Its collection is updated daily and includes the most famous brands of Greek online market and some of the most inexpensive and modern designs of the season



Since 1969, Plaisio Computers engages in trading personal computers, telecommunication products and services, consumer electronics and office equipment primarily in Greece and Bulgaria. – Mom&Baby

Koudounistra is one of the most attractive online shop selling infant toys, toys, baby carriages, car seats for children and wedding dresses.



PetClick the largest online pet shop. A new, modern and integrated retailer of food and care products for every pet. It offers the widest variety of top-quality products from world-renowned and recognized companies such as food, accessories, toiletries and hygiene, combined with the best prices.


Pet Honest is a start-up company focused on fully meeting the needs of pet owners. Providing an exceptional service to its customer is at the core of the DNA of the company. Pet Honest cares to provide to the customers, the right product or service for them, in the right condition, at the right price and at the most convenient way.


Wecare.grPharmacy&Beauty is a complete, modern online store that provides integrated solutions in health and beauty.



35 years of experience in the field of health, beauty and aesthetics with 25 experienced qualified associates are available for Greek online shoppers. At pharm16, customers will find 15,000 thousands of products to meet every of their need. provides branded watches, jewelry, accessories, children’s items at unbeatable prices guaranteed by larger designing houses.





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