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Display Network: A Traffic Boost to Websites

“Right place, right time. That’s the power of the Google Display Network”

That’s exactly what Google has to say about its Google Display Network advertising platform, but is all that glitters gold? It depends on how you use it, so continue reading to get a better understanding about the subject.

Before we start, let’s clarify what Display Network Advertising is. If we take a look at Google, which is currently the reference for everything on the Internet, we will see that when advertising we can opt between Search Network and Display Network. Search Network refers to the adverts you see when you look in Google and its partner search engines, while Display Network refers to the adverts you see on the websites.

Display Network Vs Search Network

Because of their nature there is a big difference between these two kinds of adverts. We have said that Search Network appears when you are looking for something in Google, meaning that you have written a query in the search box. So you look for cheap umbrellas in Google and you get some adverts about umbrellas in the top of the list in the search results. This is great because the adverts are being watched by people already interested in them.

However, Display Network doesn’t work like that. Someone that is selling umbrellas won’t allow adverts on its websites. Most of the e-commerce shops don’t have adverts apart from their own products and even if they did, they would likely block all umbrella-related adverts, because it doesn’t make sense to allow your competitors to advertise in your website. So if you chose this network, people would be looking for other things when your adverts appeared. If you have done your homework when launching the campaign, they will be looking for related things, for example, information about trips to London, or a weather portal…but still not so directly related with the sale as it was he Search Network.

So, is Search Network better? Not so quick. There is a kind of magic called remarketing that allows you to make Display Network a powerful tool. Basically it takes advantage of Internet cookies to display your adverts in external websites only for people that has visited your website before. And this has a very high value, because someone that has already visited your site, it is likely because it is interested in your products and in this adverts you only pay if the prospect clicks on the advert. So you are taking someone that has shown interest in your products to your products page, simple and efficient.

What Will You Be Able to Do with Display Network Advertising?

Not long ago, Display Network Advertising was limited to text. But things change quickly on the Internet and when it comes to advertising, they usually change for the best. So now you can create a nice variety of ads, from text to video, including image and interactive ads. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Text ads look similar to the ones you find when you search in Google. They allow you to add a headline, two lines of text of 35 characters each and of course, the URL where you want your prospects to land.
  • Image ads let you customize the layouts and background colors and also to add an image that can highly increase the call-to-action efficiency or the headline capability to get attention.
  • Video ads allow embedding in a YouTube video. Not much to say about this…the sky is the limit.
  • Rich ads are the next step to video ads. You can introduce animated content that goes from a slide or picture to a simple small game that makes your ad much more engaging for the public.

But as with Facebook Advertising, the real potential of Display Network ads is that you can segment the market in a way that would have been unimaginable just few years ago. So with this tool you will able to:

  • Select a website to show your ads
  • Select the interests of people looking at the ad
  • Manage your budget
  • Track the results

The main objectives you can achieve with Display Network Advertising are not very different from any other kind of advertising: Build your brand; get website traffic and generate leads.

And now that you know what is possible with this way of advertising, here is an extra tip.

Create a nice deal to promote one of your star products that leads the public to your site. This is a great way to increase your advertising efficiency, but remember that you will only be able to provide a great deal if you are aware of your competitors’ prices throughout the Internet.

There are many ways to attract online shoppers to your store and convince them to buy from you, rather than your competitors and surely another major criteria is pricing.

In order to offer smartly competitive pricing by automatically tracking your competitor prices, you should better give Prisync’s competitor price tracker a chance!



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