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Magento-Partnerschaft: Prisync’s Official Technology Partnership

Da wir Dynamic Pricing-Funktionen auf der Oberseite Prisyncs wettbewerbsfähigen Preisgestaltung Intelligence Software vor etwa einem Jahr hinzugefügt, we received a tremendous amount of interest flowing into Prisync from e-commerce companies of various sizes from all around the world. (angefangen bei Fortune 500 Riesen, e-Commerce Start-ups in den emerging Markets.)

Thanks to continuous support from our customers and partners from more than 50 Ländern, Prisync has become the most-reviewed, best-rated Competitor Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing-Software (see the Pricing Optimization category on Capterra by Gartner as a reference) in the market.

Heute, we’re super excited to announce that we’re adding another major partnership into our story by becoming the Official Technology Partner of Magento.

Early success on Magento Marketplace

Our relationship with Magento got initiated with the launch of our extensions (für M1 und M2) on Magento Marketplace. Seit dieser Zeit, our successful implementations for all sizes of Magento merchants from various countries via Prisync’s extensions available Magento Marketplace and the feedback we received from these clients strongly validated the technological fit between Prisync & Magento. This alignment pushed us to find new strategic ways where we could reach more Magento merchants worldwide to help them with their pricing strategies.

During our talks with the Magento team, we both clearly saw that Magento’s strategic priorities are also well aligned with Prisync’s vision for this ecosystem, so this partnership was a must-have one for the Magento Partner Network.

First and only in Magento Partner Network

This technology partnership is quite important for both parties but also for the whole Magento community. Da, with this partnership, Magento’s Partner Network has welcomed its first and only Official Technology Partner providing a Competitor Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing Software for Magento.

Stay tuned for more!

We look forward to collaborating further with the Magento team by sharing all our expertise in the field of e-commerce pricing with our articles on their blog or with co-webinars and more.

Jedoch, noch wichtiger ist, this partnership will be followed by major product updates for Prisync’s Magento extensions to continue providing the ultimately best E-Commerce Pricing Optimization Software in the market.


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