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Google Pixel 2 Preisanalyse von Prisync

Vorausgesetzt, Sie sind die Anhänger der neuen Tech-Gadgets, Natürlich, Sie sollten wissen, heute ist ein großer Tag für Google. Die neuen Produkte von Google – Google Pixel 2 lassen Sie heute mit eine große Aufregung und voraussichtlich eine sofortige Summen im Markt reagiert auf seine Rivalen zu schaffen.

Als Prisync, we also aimed to be a part of this release day and thanks to the ability of our software we decided to make the price analysis of Google Pixel 2 like we did for iPhone 8.



We tracked the Google Pixel 2 prices from official Google shops of particular countries (UNS, UK, Australien, Kanada, Deutschland, Indien) and compared them with each other. Auch, we’ve moved one or two steps further and added PPP(BIP pro Kopf und Jahr) of every country that we’ve tracked and gave a clear analysis for you to understand how easy/difficult to buy the Google Pixel 2 in those countries.

Des weiteren, we found the gross minimum wages the countries and calculated how much working hours do they need to work in those countries to buy the Google Pixel 2.

Our analysis does not end here. We brought iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 prices in our research and tried to give an outcome about how these big tech players set their initial prices at the first release date and position themselves versus each other.

Die Ergebnisse finden Sie von unten SlideShare:


It is a fact that we are in a period where tech companies shoot new products to the market. Also, stay tuned with Prisync blog and follow our research.



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Christian Vogelgesang

You should add a slide with the real market prices. Then it would be quiet clear, why the pixel marketshare in germany is almost non-existent. (Hint: nobody will pay 50% more for a Pixel 2 phone than for a Galaxy S8)

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