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Case Study: Die Macht der Shopify App für einen Supplements Shop aus Neuseeland!


Heute, Wir sagen die Geschichte eines Online-Shops, die ergänzende Produkte zu den Menschen, die Sport als Profis oder Amateure in Neuseeland verkauft. Wir halten ihren Namen anonym auf der Grundlage ihrer Anfrage.

Sie streben stets danach, Ihre beste Version mit den Produkten zu finden, die sie liefern. Es wurde gefunden 2009. Besides their online store, they are also running 4 offline stores Auckland wide. Heute, they’re getting 80K traffic to their website monthly on average.

In dieser Fallstudie, we’ll show how they are using our Shopify app to optimize their prices by tracking their competitorsprices fully automated. Special thanks to our contact for helping us out by sharing great insights.


It was a headache to track our competitorsprices manually as we were managing this with huge spreadsheets and it was a manual process. That’s why it was so labor-intensive and quite time-consuming.

The person who managed pricing operations before Prisync

It’s obvious that this online store has had similar issues that we’ve encountered in most of our clients in terms of tracking competitorsprices and acting accordingly.

Our contact also mentioned that they were spending 5-6 hours/day for this purpose but it was not efficient and helpful for their pricing decisions at all.


When we asked them why they chose Prisync, they listed the following:

  • Prisync von Shopify App is quite advantageous for Shopify users as it helps you import your products from Shopify to Prisync.
  • It’s great to have an option to keep the product range always synced as we don’t need to input new products to Prisync.
  • It also gives you a chance to change your prices automatically based on dynamic pricing rules you set up. This is quite helpful if you’d like to react to the changes in the market instantaneously.
  • Prisync is super easy to use and this makes our life easier.


With Prisync’s Shopify App, this great online store is now in a really good position in terms of their prices in the market. Without spending a lot of hours, they can check the competitor price points from a single dashboard and then they can change their prices with insightful decision making.

Knowing the competitorsprices is a huge power. Even if we don’t see the price change effects immediately, in the long run, we know that we’re getting huge value from Prisync and from the data we continuously get reported. Having this integration with our Shopify store is quite helpful for our business.

The person who manages Prisync account currently.

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