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Schwarzer Freitag 2017 in Europa: Die unbesungenen Helden des E-Commerce

Ich schreibe dieses Stück auf 1 Dezember 2017, Freitag und heute fühlt sich an wie irgendein anderer Freitag. – mit Ausnahme der letzten Freitag, auch bekannt als. Schwarzer Freitag 2017.

2 vor Wochen, auf Prisync Blog, we shared our exclusive analysis of Singles Day 2017 in Europa. In that piece we stated that the Singles Day was not that widely popular throughout Europe due to some cultural barriers, more specifically, calendar conflicts. 11th November (Singles Tag) is a remembrance day in countries like UK, Irland, France and Belgium and also it’s the Polish Independence day, so e-commerce companies in those countries surely feel hesitant for launching crazy deals and campaigns.

Andererseits, as we all observed, there were no such barriers involved for Black Friday 2017 in Europa überhaupt, und it was a totally busy day for the e-commerce market in all the European countries, and it even extended till Cyber Monday, and went on during the whole long-weekend.

Jedoch, when we consider the global activity around such days like Singles Day or Black Friday, respectively Alibaba or Amazon totally steals the show and takes over all the headlines, interviews and record sales volumes.

Daher, as it was the case in our exclusive analysis for Singles Day 2017, we again shed light on how European e-commerce market embraced the Black Friday 2017, by enriching our analysis with our very own fresh online pricing data collected from the European e-commerce market, country by country.

There were various sizes of e-commerce companies launching various sizes of marketing campaigns with the Black Friday 2017 Thema, und in dieser Hinsicht, we preferred to neglect the size of the e-commerce companies launching the deals and also their sales figures during the day, but rather focused on the sizes or attractiveness of the deals offered by the companies in terms of discounted vs. actual price points of the products in offer at the web shop.

That’s why we named this article as theunsungheroes, Da, most probably the e-commerce companies that were spotted by our Online-Preis-Tracking-software during Black Friday 2017 were not actually the subject of another Black Friday 2017 article that you’ve read so far, or you’ll read.

We grouped our data and analysis country by country (in alphabetic order with quick e-commerce figures) for better reading experience, to enable our blog readers from different countries to maybe catch bits of data from their very own countries, and we actually picked the countries where we detected significant deals by meaningful number of e-commerce companies.

A quick note for the readers who might regret missing those deals that we have spotted, Ja, it’s too late for 2017, but please at least note the date for the next year: the Black Friday 2018 is on 23 November 2018.

Also, jetzt, let’s go back in timeFor today, only just for a week.


Population: 8.7 Mio.

GDP per capita: 44,176 US-DOLLAR

E-Commerce Market Size: 8.9 billion USD

Online retailers across Europe were not short of creativity when it came to tweaking the name Black Friday this year. Für einige, this was simply a marketing act to stand out in the market, but there were some claiming that it was related with the copyrights.

The above banner for example, was from 0815.at, a major consumer electronics retailer based in Austria. The team over at 0815 preferred to call and celebrate the day as Green Friday and ran their campaign till 27 November Mondayas it was the case in many other retailers.

In our research and analysis, Webshops (inc. 0815) that offered attractive deals for the Austrian shoppers were spotted as:

  • 0815.bei
  • saturn.at
  • heimkinowelt.at
  • electronic4you.at

Out of these offerings, our data shows us that the bargains that the shoppers could have found over at electronic4you.at were unlike the others.

Prisync’s data detected an average of 41% Rabatt across the assortment promoted by electronic4you.at during Black Friday 2017.

Out of all the great products offered with massive discounts across the webshop, Prisync spotted even a sharper discount for this Grunding TV, which was priced 199 Euros during Black Friday 2017, and is priced 479 Euro, ab heute, 1 Dezember 2017. (dh. a solid 59% discount.)


Population: 5.4 Mio.

GDP per capita: 43,090 US-DOLLAR

E-Commerce Market Size: 4.4 billion USD

With a relatively smaller e-commerce market size when compared to other European e-commerce markets, Finnish e-commerce companies embraced the Black Friday 2017 with high level of enthusiasm.

Finland has been one of the flag-bearers of the Nordics during the Black Friday 2017, and the online shops that were detected by Prisync’s automated price tracker were as follows:

  • cdon.fi
  • veikonkone.fi
  • cocopanda.fi
  • verkkokauppa.com
  • power.fi
  • elisa.fi
  • coolshop.fi
  • luurinetti.fi
  • hemtex.fi
  • jysk.fi
  • eleven.fi

Luurinetti.fi was the one that stood out in the crowd of amazing deals in Finland during the Black Friday 2017, by offering an average discount of 45% for a quite wide assortment.

Luurinetti’s star products with even deeper discounts were accessories like smartphone cases, external batteries, oder earphones.

The discounts have continued throughout the weekend as promised by the retailer and Prisync’s data for this Samsung earphone proves that the discounts lasted for 2-3 Tagen. As we can see in the chart below, the product was priced at only 3 Euro between Friday and Monday, but then increased to its original price point of 13,9 Euro. (79% discount.)

(Image above: Prisync’s historical pricing chart.)


Population: 66.9 Mio.

GDP per capita: 36,854 US-DOLLAR

E-Commerce Market Size: 37.9 billion USD

French retailers also participated in Black Friday 2017 by building up dedicated landing pages and banners within their webshop.

Like in the case with Finland, Prisync’s automated price tracking software detected many web shops offering attractive discounted price points for their shoppers during Black Friday 2017 and the following few days, and they were listed as you see below:

  • nocibe.fr
  • cdiscount.com
  • e-leclerc.com
  • perfumesclub.fr
  • boulanger.com
  • aubert.com

Cdiscount.com was the particular retailer among the others, that listed more attractive deals on their website during their Very Black Week campaign, and it was very black, in der Tat.

The average discount per cent that Prisync detected for cdiscount.com’s Black Friday assortment was 29%.

Prisync has also demonstrated few interesting facts from the same data set. Some products within the exact same assortment promoted as part of the Black Friday 2017 campaign on cdiscount.com, have seen discounts after the Black Friday 2017. Mit anderen Worten, their prices were actually increased during the Black Friday 2017 Kampagne. Tatsächlich, dieser trend, or maybe strategy is not that uncommon.

Due to the increased web site traffics during such special days of e-commerce, retailers can sometimes increase the prices of some of their products alongside the discounted ones, and by doing that they aim to increase their profit margins while increasing their sales volumes. Für ex. this beauty pack was discounted to 49,99 Euros from 87,49 Euros during the campaign (43% Rabatt), but during the same period, this refrigerator has seen a price increase towards the Black Friday 2017 Preis von 549,99 Euros from its original price point of 499,99 Euro. (ein 10% price increase.)

(Some products saw increased prices during Black Friday 2017 as a smart profit margin increase strategy, according to Prisync’s historical pricing charts.)


Population: 82.6 Mio.

GDP per capita: 41,936 US-DOLLAR

E-Commerce Market Size: 63.4 billion USD

The ones who have read our Singles Tag 2017 Europe report, have probably expected Germany to be one of the key countries in this list with quite enthusiastic retailers joining the Black Friday 2017 bonanza, und ja, they are right.

Here’s the list of the German online retailers where Prisync detected significant price drops from original list prices:

  • arktis.de
  • saturn.de
  • elv.de
  • sportega.de
  • ladenzeile.de
  • rossmann.de
  • home24.de
  • real.de

The discounts detected in Germany were one of the best ones across the Europe during Black Friday 2017, but in a country-wide comparison, arktis.de, a major consumer electronics retailer, was the one which made the shoppers happiest with an average discount ratio of 47%.

Like in the case of cdiscount.com, arktis.de’s promoted assortment also included some products with increased prices for Black Friday 2017, but the average discount ratio certainly makes these products invisible. As another side note for the discounted assortment, Prisync also detected that the discounted products included many accessories, dh. products with relatively lower price-points.

Zum Beispiel, during Black Friday 2017, German shoppers (the lucky ones) did have the chance to buy this wireless chargepad for as low as 3,95 Euro, where the original price hovers around 29,95 Euro. (87% Rabatt!)


Population: 10.7 Mio.

GDP per capita: 18,103 US-DOLLAR

E-Commerce Market Size: 4.3 billion USD

Als Prisync team, we have previously covered some pricing stats from the Greek E-Commerce Market on our blog. The data available on that blog post, demonstrated that 4,3% of online price points actually change on a daily basis in Greek E-Commerce Market. (using an automated competitor price tracker, surely helps.) This figure was actually even higher than the German or Spanish e-commerce market, and gave us the feeling that Greek shoppers were really interested in discounts and e-commerce companies in Greece are widely using dynamic prices to attract and convert shoppers every day.

Schwarzer Freitag 2017 was no exception to that.

Prisync’s data spotted the below webshops offering solid discounts during Black Friday this year:

  • Public.gr
  • kotsovolos.gr
  • tsakirismallas.gr
  • plaisio.gr
  • you.gr
  • koolfly.com

Within an extensive list of mainly consumer electronics retailers, the fashion and lifestyle retailer koolfly.com stood out with an average discount rate of 28% for products from wide range of brands.

Koolfly shoppers were able to purchase this Fred Perry Barrel for only 63 Euro during Black Friday 2017 campaign on the website. The price of the product then came back to its original level of 90 Euro. (30% Rabatt, as seen below on Prisync’s historical pricing chart.)

Hailing from Greece, koolfly.com was one of the successful representatives of fashion online retail industry in Europa, who created a good vibe around their Black Friday 2017 Kampagne.


Population: 5.2 Mio.

GDP per capita: 70,812 US-DOLLAR

E-Commerce Market Size: 6.3 billion USD

With solid GDP per capita but relatively smaller e-commerce market size, Norwegian E-Commerce Market was one of the other significant representatives of Black Friday 2017 in Europa.

Prisync detected the following web shops in Norway with attractive discounts during Black Friday 2017:

  • elkjop.no
  • lefdal.com
  • komplett.no
  • gsport.no
  • netonnet.no
  • proshop.no
  • jernia.no
  • tretti.no
  • megaflis.no
  • lekmer.no

The consumer electronics retailer elkjop.no was the shop where Prisync’s data demonstrated the best average discount rate in Norway: 37%.

Zum Beispiel, the lucky Norwegian coffee-loving shoppers could have enjoyed a 41% discount for this coffee-machine.

The Black Friday 2017 price for this machine was as low as 10090 NOK (dh. roughly 1009 Euro) instead of its original price of 16799 NOK (dh. roughly 1697 Euro).

(The historical pricing chart above is in Euros.)


Population: 19.7 Mio.

GDP per capita: 9,474 US-DOLLAR

E-Commerce Market Size: 2.1 billion US

We recently covered a comprehensive report about the booming e-commerce landscape in Romania, and as our report demonstrated, prices matter in Romania, to be really successful in the market. When we consider that, it’s not surprising to see a very active participation in the Black Friday 2017 bonanza by Romanian e-commerce companies.

The most striking Black Friday 2017 deals were offered by the following websites in Romania:

  • emag.ro
  • flanco.ro
  • evivo.ro
  • emagik.ro
  • sweetskendamas.ro
  • bijuteriilarosa.ro
  • watchshop.ro
  • comodo.ro

Compared to its market size, Schwarzer Freitag 2017 was a quite vibrant day in Romania, and flanco.ro was the site that Prisync’s data spotted as the site with best deals during the day, with an average discount rate of 24%. Auch, as can be seen on flanco.ro’s website, the company is going to continue offering deals during the next 2 Wochen as part of their 23rd year anniversary. (also, Romanian friends, bleiben Sie dran…)

Like cdiscount (Frankreich) and aktris (Deutschland), flanco of Romania has also used the opportunity that Black Friday 2017 brought in, and increased prices for some of the products in their promoted assortment.

Jedoch, this surely did not stop Romanian wearable fans to enjoy a 64% Rabatt on this smartwatch zum Beispiel. (discounted to 68,99 RONroughly 15 Euro – from its original price tag, 189,99 RONroughly 40 Euros.)


Certainly, Prisync’s data from Black Friday 2017 included price-points for the unmentioned countries of Europe, but they were not that striking to be included in this year’s analysis.

As we already demonstrated in our Singles Day 2017 Analyse, online retailers mostly follow the similar strategies as part of their marketing campaigns during these special days. They offer striking discounts for about 10-15% of their promoted assortment, and they mostly pick low-priced, high-margin items for this assortment, and don’t apply that much of discount for the rest of their products, or even increase prices for some of them.

Letztendlich, profitability is a huge matter of concern for anyone doing business and no one should expect the retail industry to be an exception to that.

Smart pricing is one of the key drivers of profit optimisation in online retail, und gathering automated competitive pricing intelligence from the market can help any sizes of e-commerce companies from Europe or any part of the world immensely.

Please contact our team to learn how you can effectively apply a smart dynamic pricing strategy within your e-commerce company, and for any questions about the research we’ve shared here, please shoot over your questions at info@prisync.com. Natürlich, your comments are also more than welcome at our comment section.

Stay tuned for more of Prisync’s exclusive market analysis and reports full of fresh online pricing data across the world.