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Tidsbesparende E-handel værktøjer

Kører en e-handel virksomhed synes cool, men er ikke let. Tænk over det, du er altid bombarderet med kundernes krav og klager, vækst ideer, Marketing pres og hård konkurrence på markedet. Hvis du bryder ned krav for at køre en e-handel butik, du også nødt til at afsætte en masse tid til SEO-indsats, email campaigns, sociale medier stillinger, Marketingautomatisering, paid adsThe list goes on. Så, it is almost impossible to handle all of this yourself. To be focused, stay productive and grow your business, you should look out for new technologies and smart time-saving e-commerce tools.

But there are so many smart tools and services in the market which make be tough to find the best ones. That’s where this list comes in. Here best time-saving e-commerce tools that will allow you to be more productive and creative, increase the time you spend building your business and ultimately boost your revenue. Med disse værktøjer, you do not need to be a technical coder or designer.


CartStackAbandoned Cart Recovery Solution


%70 of online shoppers are abandoning their cart and leave the online store without making any purchase. What if you are able to convince them to give you a second chance to finalize their shopping. There is a huge opportunity of recovering the abandoned carts and boost the revenue. CartStack offers effortlessly track abandoned cart activity on your site. By using this time-saving tool you will be able to send automatic emails to your highest-intent customers and recover revenue automatically. You also don’t need to be a pro designer to create emails. Cartstack gives you the ability to create fancy emails with great templates. These emails may give you some inspiration.


HootSuiteSocial Media Automation

You never guess what will happen at social media. There are some moments where you should keep your eyes on the news feed not to miss one RT, mention or even like. For eksempel, you’ve published a cornerstone content and expecting a great number of interaction from your followers. In order to be proactive and respond every single of interaction you need to be aware of whats happening in social media. Hootsuite is a complete social media tool that allows you to share on the fly, schedule updates, and track important keywords/hashtags. Think of it as your social media command center.


IFTTTAutomating Services

IFTTT is a very useful tool if you are using multiple services linked to each other. With IFTTT, you can easily connect your most-used tools like Facebook, Evernote, Gmail, Google Docs or Mailchimp to trigger workflows that automate your business together when certain events occur. Let’s look at some triggers that you can create with IFTTT.


PrisyncAutomated Competitor Price Tracking Software

Do you know how much time you spend on to track your competitors’ prices and stock availabilities? It’s so much, we can estimate. Don’t you want to have your time on pricing optimization just by looking at the data Prisync gather, instead of gathering those prices manually? Very basically, e-commerce companies can use Prisync to track their competitor prices automatically and improve their profit margin in a fierce e-commerce competition and save tons of time by eliminating manual jobs.

SegmentifyE-Commerce Personalization & Recommendation


Recognizing your visitors and making personalized product recommendations will create a unique shopping experience and make an impression with your potential customers. Segmentify analyzes each visitor’s interests and helps your e-commerce store offer the most relevant products that your potential customers will love automatically. Så, you do not have to allocate time to select which product to be featured. Segmentify handles this operation by analyzing consumer behavior.

SEMrushSEO Monitoring

SEMrush giver dig overblik over ethvert domæne tilstedeværelse på tværs af alle sine databaser ved at analysere – Bing og Google. Det giver en komplet SEO konkurrent analyse viser konkurrenters bedste søgeord og hjælper med e-handel virksomheder til at opdage nye spillere på markedet, see all paid strategies of them effortlessly. SEMrush giver dig en mere præcis vurdering af dine konkurrenters SEO trafik, hvilket sparer et ton af tid.


Smile.ioReward Program is an easily manageable reward program in one place. Without spending a lot of time, you can create a reward program that is engaging, fun and motivating for your customers whether they are on mobile or desktop. Encourage them to be more loyal to you with easy-to-setup programs.

VeeqoInventory Management

Veeqo is an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage a highly efficient ecommerce business. View multichannel orders in a single platform, keep inventory levels 100% accurate, ship orders in bulk and view sophisticated sales reports. It helps multichannel retailers keep inventory levels accurate, streamline operations and ship orders on time so they can focus on growing their business.

  • Milo

    cool list! I’d also add, it’s a cimple customer support system integrated with Gmail.

  • Olivia Donn

    Hej! I want to add another great tool. Free online chat for communication with visitors It also has an autoresponder, triggers and traffic channel tracking. I use it for several months and everything works perfectly!