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Pinterest Marketing for E-handel virksomheder

Pinterest is a great social media platform for e-commerce businesses to increase their conversions.

Pinterest er en af de mest aktive sociale medier platforme, som udnytter visuelle hjælpemidler. Som vi nævnte tidligere i Her, social media marketing er en mere omkostninger effektiv strategi for at øge din konvertering, mens din virksomhed opnår mærkebevidsthed. Som en e-handel business, Pinterest will allow you to introduce your products to a wide audience, create engagements and also sell through its platform.

I henhold til dette rapport, Pinterest has over 170 million users and over 100 million active users. The audience is mainly there to follow the latest trends in makeup, apparel or learn about DIY and drawing. The visual based structure of this social platform is what provides e-commerce businesses a great opportunity to show off their goods and services. Users can pin a product which they wish to purchase or share it on their page. But the best thing is that Pinterest has a BUY button which enables your potential customers to purchase your products in one click. This increases the chances of impulse buying as well.

When you are sharing posts regarding your products there are a few things to take into consideration. For det første, your images should be high resolution and well optimized for users to pin it. You can integrate Pinterest into your website and when customers decide to pin it a better image will be helpful. Also when customers are pinning your products on Pinterest you need to make sure the pulling of product description and features are to the point. Also you should use UTM codes in your landing pages which will be connected to the pins. This will allow you to track the referrals and sales through Pinterest.

When you are producing pins on Pinterest as a part of your content marketing there are main things to be aware of. The following advices are written assuming you are pinning your products. In your pin you should make sure the price is visible. Inserting them in the description is an option of course, men; Pinterest does not allow those in promoted pins. You need to provide that information by using rich pins if you are interested in promoting your pins. There are six types of rich pins which are app pins, article pins, place pins, recipe pins, movie pins and product pins which are what we need. Another thing is having good images but our advice is to go for the lighter tones in your images. Clear images do much better than dark and heavy shadowed images. Taller images perform better as well since you get to show more of your product. Also you should ad call-to-action phrases in your pins. Remember that Pinterest is a social platform which encourages impulse buyers and call-to-action is the best method of catching them. In the descriptions you don’t want to go over 300 tegn. Keep it between 200 og 300. The success ratios of these advices can be seen in the infographic above. Take your pick accordingly.

Pinterest is a great social media platform for e-commerce businesses to increase their conversions.

When you post on social media platforms timing is an important issue. This goes for all the social media platforms. When it comes to Pinterest try to optimize your posting hours and days according to the trends. You can check it out through Google etc. When it comes to days Pinterest users are more active during the weekends.

Pinterest users can pin the things they love and create boards of their own according to their needs. This goes for your business as well. Let’s assume that you are an apparel e-commerce business and you decide to create boards to increase engagements as well as conversion. A good thing to do would be to create your boards according to different occasions and themes. You can have boards for clubbing, casual, office or Valentine’s Day, girls night out etc. This will help your customers to visualize their needs more vividly and the boards will also provide them with specialized utilities. If they are looking something to wear when they will go out for clubbing they will check your board out and choose what suits their taste best. Users can also follow your boards so if you can establish that you will make sure to catch the eye of a few more potential customers on a periodical basis.

If you want to get more out of your Pinterest account a good thing for you to do would be to include your Pinterest account in the e-mails for post-purchases and asking your customers to share their experience with your product. If you are selling clothes online you can ask them to share their photos in Pinterest and show how stylish combinations they made out of it. If you are selling food you can ask them to share the meal photos they made from them. Få kreative. You should also emphasize the Pin It button on your website. Also let us remind you that you should get a business account instead of a personal account. That’s it for now. We wish you good luck and many conversions.

Pinterest is a social media platform which is great for e-commerce businesses.

Gode priser are great for e-commerce businesses.

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