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Black Friday Tips: How to Sell More

The Internet is full of posts about how to get the most out of Black Friday deals as a buyer, but what happened to the other side of the story? Don’t worry because you, the sellers, will also get tips to take advantage of this particularly hard-selling day. Let’s see some advice to help you enjoy a Black Friday success.

1. Getting ready

Black Friday involves crazy activity. If you are going to put a lot of effort into your Black Friday deals, and you expect to sell a lot, it is essential that you have the necessary workforce to deal with that situation.

a) Workforce and infrastructure

A hard-selling day can become a nightmare if the activity overwhelms you and your company and prevents you from offering the quality that you usually do. Remember that the aim of Black Friday is not just to sell a lot, but also to let some new customers know about your products so they can buy from you again in the future. First impressions are important, and customers won’t justify bad service just because you had a great volume of activity. So make a plan. Figure out whether you need to hire extra workers or where you should strengthen your business to ensure that you provide your best service. It is also a good idea to you ask your delivery supplier if they will be able to maintain their schedule. If they think they are going to be slower, be conservative with the expected arrival. It is better to let customers know upfront that product delivery dates will be delayed than to have products arrive later than customers expect them. Remember, communication is the key when managing suppliers’ relationships.Lastly for this tip, remember your stock. If you forecast a high volume of orders, you may want to increase the amount of stock to be able to respond quickly.

b) Making customers ready

When Black Friday comes, Amazon and other very big sellers will promote their deals aggressively. The competition will be very high and the ads more expensive than usual. So it is recommended that you start your communication campaign sooner. Use Facebook and other social media ads to let people know you will offer great discounts on Black Friday. Even better, advertise what your best promotions will be and offer them the possibility to subscribe in order to be notified when the promotion of this interesting product will be launched. You even could announce an extra discount on Black Friday deals for the ones that are listed in your newsletter. This way you can get some leads, and you will be in your customers’ minds before the day itself when everybody will be overwhelmed by the great amount of deals offered in every corner.

c) Update your site.

You will have more traffic than usual, so fix the problems on your site and get it updated.

2. Split your advertising campaign into two steps

To get the most from your ads you can set your adverts to reach new customers before the day itself. That way you can try to get new customers and leads by following what is said in the previous tip. But when the day comes, as the advertising price will be higher, you need to get more profit so you can set them to be displayed only for people who already have interacted with you. You can set network advertising to be seen only by the ones who have already visited your site, and Facebook ads just for the ones that like your business page. These people are more likely to convert, so you will have better results for these expensive ads.

3. Boost your future sales

Selling a lot is an opportunity to increase your product reviews. Do you have a good product but few reviews? It is time to remedy that. Launch a nice offer for this specific product and ask the buyers to leave a user opinion. Testimonials are a great sales booster, so do not miss the chance to get them. Because of this, it is important to be ready – step one. Deals are great, but consistently maintaining quality is important even when the bargains are not as extreme. Remember that if you keep the quality, your customers are getting something good for a very cheap price, so the value they get will be awesome and as a consequence, their reviews will be better than the reviews you would get on a random day.

4. Set limits of time for deals

This is one of the basics of copywriting. The urgency to buy is a great conversion strategy because people don’t rationalize the purchase. Just setting a countdown in your deals, will help many buyers take action and order the product.

5. Use Prisync to show your customers how awesome your deals are

By using our software, you can know the average prices the product had before and also during Black Friday. Saying that a product is 60% cheaper than yesterday is strong, but if in addition to that, you say that it is 65% cheaper than the average on a normal day in the market, and 5% cheaper than the average on Black Friday, the promotions seem even stronger. Besides, your competitors won’t make promotions on the same products as you, so your discount related to the average Black Friday price for that product will look awesome too.

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