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Linkedin Marketing: A Gold Mine for B2B E-Commerce?

If you are conducting business in the B2B area Linkedin is your platform. As we have mentioned earlier, having an online presence is a must for every business let alone the e-commerce businesses. Social media marketing provides the businesses with a powerful brand image, online presence and active engagement with customers. One of the branches of social media marketing is Linkedin marketing. Linkedin is a prominent career and business platform which allows people to share their business insights, find jobs or hire people and catch up with their colleagues. It is a professional networking platform and has a lot to offer.

Linkedin has 433 million users which spread across the world. The average time a user spends on Linkedin is 17 minutes and a big portion of them calling themselves as news junkies. This social platform includes many people who are interested in their careers and as a result the sectors they are interested as well. Businesses can open pages and share their latest news or open job opportunities. There are many groups which concentrate on sectors, business positions or strategies. If you are interested in creating your business an online presence on Linkedin start now and try to keep our advice, which will be shared in the following, in mind.

When it comes to B2B marketing strategies Linkedin takes the lead by surpassing the other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Start by opening your business page. This page will become your lead generation tool with a very high conversion rate. But you have to work for them. Make sure you have an attention-grabbing image in your header image. Make it noticeable. Another image you have to have is your profile image which should be your business logo.

Next step of Linkedin marketing is to present your business in the best way. Description part gives you that option. Write about what your company is about and your mission. But it is important to start with a call-to-action sentence. Linkedin does not display the whole description in its page. There are only two lines a person will see when they look at it. To read the rest of the description they need to click on “see more”. This forces you to be catchy and give out a great pitch about your company in two or three sentences. It would be best to write like you are talking to your target audience. Identify your audience then talk about your value propositions and service in a compact way. The target audience will want to see more after that.

Your business page lets you provide lots of information regarding your company. When you catch your target audience with your description and images they will be ready to go to your website and it will be on display without them having to look for it. You also need to be regularly posting content. As we mentioned earlier content marketing is a very useful marketing strategy that can be used in your social media marketing as well. Post your latest blog posts. Use Linkedin Pulse to create new articles and appear in the news feed of Pulse. Share your infographics too. Remember that your target audience will be information seekers in Linkedin.

You can also create showcase pages for your branches to separate the traffic from Linkedin. If you have separated services which have different target audiences this will be great for you. Make sure you follow the advice above when you are creating your showcase pages. They will appear on the side of your business page so make sure you have a nice image and a short name for them. You don’t want your showcase page name to get cut in half. Make sure the name is easy to understand and can be identified for your target customers.

Another great aspect of Linkedin is its Advanced Search. Even if you don’t have the premium account it is still full of valuable information. You can filter them according to country, location, language, school, degree of connection. In the premium version, you can also filter through groups or years of experience. You can do highly detailed searches and even save them in your profile for later use which is the most practical thing for you.

As we have said earlier, groups are a great source for lead generation. There are many groups that specialize according to sectors such as apparel or positions such as business analysts etc. Try to choose groups which are very relevant to your target audience. Also, groups with more active statuses are better for you. Those groups will be ranked higher in the searches so they are easy to find. There is a limit of fifty groups you get to be a part of so choose carefully. Another thing to do is starting your own group. This can be beneficial if you are conducting business in a niche area.

Messages on Linkedin can be very effective in growing your e-mail list too. You should prepare a welcome message to be sent to your target audience. This message can introduce you briefly and include a direct link for e-mail signup. Another good way to enhance your online presence is your employees. Make sure your employees have Linkedin profiles with their profile picture. Putting a face on your business is your priority. And the last tip for Linkedin is to get a custom page URL. When people are searching for your business, this URL will come in handy.

Linkedin is a great platform for professional networking which is what every B2B business needs. Set up your business page, attach your pretty picture and go hunting. Provide quality content from your blog updates or prepare infographics to get the information seekers. Groups will help you a lot to reach new audiences as well as the advanced search. Make the most of it. Good luck!

Linkedin marketing is a platform of professional networking which can benefit e-commerce businesses conducting business in B2B.


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